(Another) quick query on close trade rule

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I'm trying to set a BA rule that closes a trade and leaves me with a free bet. The scenario i have is as follows:

- i'm laying a certain unders goal market (let's say under 3.5 for example) at odds of 1.05 for a stake of £20, leaving me with a liability of £1. This appears as 'selection 1' in betfair order within the bot.

- if the back odds of under 3.5 goals raise to say 1.10, i want to create a free bet on the trade, leaving zero profit or loss on under 3.5 goals, and a free bet on over 3.5 goals ('selection 2' in betfair order within the bot).

Can anybody please advise which rule i should apply, and whether i should apply it to selection 1 or 2?

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