How can I placing a simple bet with a Stop?

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Can I place a simple bet in Automation with an attaching Stop Order? I don't want an Offset, just a stop to close the bet if it moves too far the wrong way. I can't see how to do it even if I set it up as two separate orders. I've looked at the "Matched Bet information of a selection" as an option for an SV but don't think that helps ... the most recent bet matched may not be the most recent bet placed. The problem is making the link between the initial bet and the stop bet to be able to set the stop trigger and price. Am I missing something (maybe in the new release I haven't yet had the time to study)?

I'm wondering if a workaround may be to set an impossible offset (with a stop) ... that way the offset part is redundant.

Any suggestions gratefully received as always.
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There is a Servant version of this here that does what you are asking for, which you could use as full automation with a few edits
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