Automating bets on 30-40 football and basketball teams

Advanced automation available in Guardian - Chat with others and share files here.
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Dear BetAngel users,

before spending hours on evaluating and researching software I'd like to save time and would appreciate if you could share your knowledge.

I'm interested in tracking ~30 football and 10 basketball teams and always lay or back team if the odds are not less than x and not greater than y and match kick-off in less than 5 hours.

Is it possible to automate it?
What to use in BetAngel?

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Yes, quite straight forward to set up just required a fixed odds condition on your rules file

How to create a rules file ... tion-easy/
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Hi Dallas,

thank you for a quick reply.
Fixed odds condition rules is clear. It is applied on selected market in Guardian.

I'm interested more about on how to scan all football and basketball markets and include it in Guardian automatically if any club exsist from my list...
Then time for rules to kick-in.

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You could selt up a market filter in guardian like this example and then just drag the relevant games into guardian for the day
market filter.png
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Well... filtering and including clubs manually is not an automation.
I'd like to automatically add all markets with MU and TOT except when both play together.

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