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Which gets executed first ,do I write a excel with my structures first or automation rules ,I want to structure my automation properly ,much appreciated
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I would say that you should abstract the logic into a flow chart of some sort
( is a great chrome addin - ... a?hl=en-GB)

no matter how simple or complex that may be. from that, you'll be able to identify the lowest level moving part and thus have a unit that you can (potentially) create and test in isolation.

now that BA has the ability to use preloaded (or dynamically loaded) csv files to interact with guardian, to a large extent, the need for Excel has gone away (if you have th ability/resource to create the application code required to load the csv's with the required data). what this means in real terms is that we can place a 25/75 split of the logic across BA/application code, thus any changes in logic at a core level MAY only require changes to be made to the code that poplutes the csv, thus leaving your BA rules intact and untouched.

that's the theory anyway :D
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