Offset delay.

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I haven't been able to find this in the literature and that may be because it is too easy and obvious to find lol, or absent.

My question is ...
I place a bet (back or lay, doesn't matter)
I have an offset and stop loss set.
Is it possible to delay the offset and stop loss from kicking in?

It appears at the moment that if I place a bet at moment X, then the offset and stop loss mechanisms will be available to the system immediately - as long as my original bet has been filled. This can be annoying, especially in volatile markets.

I would like to place my bet at moment X, and then have the offset and stop loss mechanisms remain silent for a set period of time, lets say 60 seconds. Then it would be wonderful for them to do their thing.

Is this possible? Does the mechanism exist? Is there an automation selection I am not seeing?

My apologies if this is blindly obvious and I have missed it.

thanks in advance
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The regular offset/stop bets within global settings can only trigger immediately (ie, you can't force a delay)

But you can achieve this using a servant, there's a ready-made example here you can start with
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