I cannot sort this. Please help

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Can anybody help with setting up, what I believe should be simple automation, if you actually know what you are doing. I unfortunately do not have a clue. Have messaged Dallas on several occasions but get no reply so throwing it out to anybody else that might be able to help.

I am simply looking how to set up automation to get lay bets placed on horses, within a designated odds range, when the first/leading horse reaches a designated odds range

I only want lay bets to be placed within that range and only one lay per horse

Anybody got any ideas?

Thanks in advance for your help
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I've only had one message from you on 2nd June and did reply to this a few days later, but due to the number of PM's I get it usually takes 3-7 days for me to get chance to reply.

See below for a copy of the message I sent

You just need a few 'Fixed Odds Conditions', see this post for how to set up range for a rule to trigger

You then need a third 'Fixed Odds Condition' looking at;
Selection > Nominated 'By order of favouritism 1'
is less than (whatever your price is)
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Cheers Dallas. I do appreciate you are busy matey and appreciate your reply. I was referring actually to pm's that I sent in October last year that I did not get an answer from

Thanks for your help anyway. I will try to set this up and see how it goes

One quick question if I may. I have read on a post here that BF will suspend your account should the stakes be small. is that true? And if so what is the minimum you can stake to test these things out?

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