How Trustworthy are Asian Bookmakers?

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I am a value bettor exclusively on the football markets. The Betfair Exchange largely meets my needs, but there are a reasonable large number of bets that I either cannot get matched due to poor liquidity and sometimes there is no market whatsover.

I have tried using Smarkets (Cue tumbleweeds)

The only other option remaining are the Asian Bookies, namely Bet in Asia or Asian Connect. I have tried to research the trustworthiness of these businesses, and all I have found is mixed reviews on TrustPilot (Worryingly, some individuals have lost thousands with no comeback) and then some threads with experienced gamblers claiming to have used them for many years with no issues.

I would want to be depositting and withdrawing 4 and 5 figure sums.

Can anybody advise me on whether this is a feasible option, or is the risk too high?

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I've never dealt with any for that exact reason.
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Comes down to the regulatory clout in that jurisdiction. Anyone anywhere can mess you around but who do you turn to when that happens? Without knowing I'd imagine Hong Kong being somewhere you could do business but the Philippines then maybe not so much.
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