Teenager takes bet365 to court over £1m

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Tuco wrote:
Tue Jul 11, 2017 11:21 am
If bet365 were concerned as to the source of the funds she must have deposited in her bet365 account, that was the time to ask questions. not after the bets she subsequently placed won - too late then. There is a risk when either placing or taking a bet - it is a contract that both parties must satisfy their part thereof depending on the result of the event in question.

If she loses in court, we could all borrow money from someone, documenting the entire transaction and if we lose claim our bet breached their terms and conditions, cite this case as a precident and request a refund. The law does not permit them to have it both ways!
+1 - i like your thinking and was similar to what I alluded to in an earlier post regards the funds being a *documented loan*. would definitely foil all losses and would love to see the bookies explaining how they have had it both ways since adam was a boy and now the applecart is being overturned.
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Bet 365 would only be making such a scandalous claim if they have the evidence.

I would assume that this bet is a copy cat bet from someone who has already been banned or convicted of such crime...

For example. Some guy had been banned for placing such bets as it turned out A)they were too clever and additionally B) some form of illegal activity such as money laundering.

So I assume that this bet placed by a 19 yr old is an identical bet placed before by someone banned. If this is the case Bet365 will win.

I think it is highly likely this is the case.

Still A bet placed especially through electronics i.e online should be paid no matter what. Its not like they wrote it on a betting slip. If there offering the bet and have accepted it, it should be paid. Its their job to decide whether to not accept it.
Sounds like a money laundering system to me.

Lucky 15's pay double and most pay triple the odds for one winner and there is a group in the UK today that are money laundering using this system and it does work. It probably just turns out they got a little too lucky and hit a jackpot.

Additionally 26k returning 1 Million is less then 50/1 in total. Just cannot see Bet365 losing this one.
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Triple and Quadruple odds for one winner (back in the day), were fun.

I knew one super-shroodie, who asked for £50k of virtual racing, permed L15's at b365.

He got on . for one day, I think.


Having said this, B365 are a firm, who deserve some respect. They generally keep their word, which is unlike some of the other scum.

All the shops have now gone .. and they have 22 milion customers ..a lot in Asia. I wonder what would have happened, if an asian client had placed the bet, on a www.365888365.com portal.
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I back Megarain up, I have dealt with Bet365 on a few occasions, and I have found them to be pretty straight. I once had a very large win when hedging, after Betfair had an outage and I needed to get matched elsewhere.......quickly. They honoured the bet, paid out immediately, and never banned me

I would suggest this women's account was being funded by somebody already banned by Bet365, and her bets mirrored the blacklisted customer
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Yep Credit were credit is due. I am banned from all bookmakers and Bet365 are by far the most fair and honest bookmaker going... however I still believe they are bad just like them all... but if I needed to get on I would personally only use someone who would use bet365 because I know I would get paid out without any hassle.
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