Smarkets Select and Pro Tier Calculator

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Don't know if this is of use to anyone but I just put this together in Google Sheets. ... sp=sharing

It can be used to calculate the odds of any bet placed in Smarkets after commission for Select and Pro tier customers. Simply enter the display odds and commission tier which applies to you and hey presto commission included odds.

The odds calculated are done so for a commission included stake. i.e a £10 stake is actually a £10.30 stake (after 3% commission) where the 30p commission is not staked.

At the bottom there is also a commission remover. So if you want to know what a £10 stake (inc commission) is with the commission off simply enter the stake you want the commission removing from in cell B6.

Important: Please do not ask for permission to edit the sheet instead copy the sheet using File -> Make a Copy
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