- BetDEX Exchange Becomes First Fully-Licensed Sports Betting Exchange On Blockchain

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It's curious, as they don't seem to have thought things through much or who they are actually marketing to.

I can't recall if these guys have approached me.
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When is this going to be available in the uk
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I long for the day when one of these newbies does not turn out to be a deflated soufflé
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whimsies wrote:
Mon Sep 04, 2023 9:01 am
When is this going to be available in the uk
Got this answer today:

"We currently have a license and are regulated in the IOM and unfortunately, the UK is not allowed in our current list of territories we are licensed in.
We are looking to increase our licenses all the time but at this point, we aren't able to allow registrations from the UK.

BetDex Support"
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