Replacing old intel based Mac how best to run BA

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Hi, my current Intel based Mac is getting to the stage of having to be replaced, I understand newer Macs with the M1 chip cannot use Bootcamp, my current preferred method of running Windows and BA

I installed Boot Camp about 5 years ago after a terrible experience with Parallels & VMFusion.

Tech moves on, apps improve etc. etc. so I was wondering what software/setup other BA Mac users with newer Macs have in order to trade with BA.

I see there is another software option, namely CrossOver and wondered if anyone had used it?

Finally is there another way with the M1 chip to run a VPS from a Mac, I saw Windows365, their new cloud based remote service mentioned or the BA dedicated VPS, is anyone with an M1 Mac using a VPS with no issues?

Thanks in advance.
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Hi nucky06.

I believe this should work perfectly fine for your use case (access BA dedicated VPS from M1 Mac): ... 3466?mt=12
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I run parallels on my Mac M2. Works good.
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Y, I also own an M1 mac and run Bet Angel via Parallels and a VPS. So you will have no problems.
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