Customize the Columns on the One-Click & Manual Bet Screen

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The Grid columns on both the One-Click screen and Manual Bet screen are fully customizable, allowing you to save as many different layouts & set-ups as you wish with your own pre-set buttons.

To begin with you need to open the ‘Custom Columns Editor’ by clicking settings just above your existing back and lay stake columns, then chose ‘Edit Custom Columns’ as shown In the image below.

Custom Col 2.JPG

The ‘Custom Column editor’ will now open when you can begin creating your new column, starting from the top the first thing you need to do is select or create a new profile you wish to save your column too. This can be useful if you trade multiple sports and want different profiles and custom columns for each type of sport etc.

For the purposes of this example, I’ll just be adding some columns to my existing default profile named ‘5 prices’.
The next thing to do is select a column to edit (if this is your first time creating a custom column you will, of course, be starting with ‘Custom Column 1’) as you create your columns you can come back to an existing one to edit and rename if you no longer need it.

After that most of the fields of the editor are self-explanatory as you can see from the image below, but just to clarify I have created a column that will allow me to place £10 back bets on a selection at 1.01, at the same time the bet is placed any existing unmatched back bets will be cancelled and I’ve also chosen a pale green as my column colour.

Custom Col.JPG

Once finished at the bottom of the window you just need to click ‘Save Column’ and that’s the column created, you can then add as many others as you wish by choosing another column to edit. Once you have finished creating your columns you can close the window down.

The next step is to select the columns you wish to use from the ‘column chooser’ as shown below.

Custom Col 3.JPG

Here you can see I'm about to select the column I created earlier.

Custom Col 4.JPG

Once I have chosen all the columns I want I can close this window and all the selected columns will now be part of my one-click or manual bet screens ready to begin using. You can see in the image below that I have created several new custom columns by repeating the earlier steps above, and under the image are details of what each button I created does.

Custom Grid Screen 1.jpg

1 ) Back £10 @1.01
This lets me place a quick back bet on a runner in the final seconds when I believe is going to win the race and by submitting at 1.01 I am guaranteed to have my bet matched at some odds.
2) Lay £10 @1.15
This is set to place a lay for a fixed liability of £10 @ odds of 1.15, handy if a runner is trading very low but I believe it might just get beat in the final moments
3) Cancel Unmatched
This allows me to quickly cancel ALL unmatched bets just on that single selection, rather than using the standard "Cancel All" button at the bottom of the screen
4) Back £10 +10 Ticks
Often I want to Back at a higher price than its currently trading but which is not visible on the grid, this has been set to place bets 10 ticks above the current trading price.
5) Lay £10 -10 Ticks
This is the opposite of the above and places a £10 lay bet 10 ticks below the current trading price
6) Cancel Back Bets
Used if I ONLY want to cancel any unmatched Back bets on that selection
7) Cancel Lay Bets
Opposite of the above and to cancel just the unmatched lay bets on the selection.

Finally, you can also move and reposition ANY of the columns including the original ones by hovering your mouse cursor of the heading cell, then with the cell outlined hold down your left mouse button and drag to where you want it.

For further details on custom, columns please the following page of the user guide ... 3D&mw=MzIw

Or you can watch a step by step video by Peter on Bet Angel TV talking you through some of the available options
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In Bet Angel V1.50 the custom column editor received some additional options to give you even greater choice and flexibility when setting up your on-click and manual bet screens.

The first change is in the number of custom columns you can now have, instead of being limited to 20 per profile you can create up to 100.

By default, you will still only have 20 to begin with, to add more you just need to open the custom column editor and next to the ‘Column to edit’ area you will see a +5-button, and all you have to do is click that to add a further 5 columns. In the image below, I have already clicked this button twice and as you can see the number of custom columns now available to me is 30 and each additional time this button is clicked a further 5 more columns will be added. They have been done like this so as not to impact on user performance, therefore, its best to just add them as and when needed.

Custom Col 1.JPG

The next option is the ability to create custom columns that will display additional information to you, this is done simply by selecting what you require from the drop list, the image below shows all the additional information that you can now display in a custom column.

Custom Col 2.JPG

You can’t place bets or trades from any of these so to create one all you need do is select a custom column to edit, give it a title (this is what will appear on the column header box when displayed) then select the additional information the you require from the list, then at the bottom of the window click save. They will then be ready for you to select from the column chooser window where you can position them anywhere on your grid you want as detailed in the first post.

Below you can see I have created 7 extra columns each containing ‘Additional Information’, I have then positioned them at the end of my current columns and saved the profile.

Custom Columns Additional Info 3.JPG
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