Green Up for a Profit or Loss Amount not Number of Ticks?

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Looking for a bit of help as i have had a go at this but no joy.

I'm looking at a strategy of backing horses before the off and laying back off in-play. What i want to do is automate this during the day with the lay bet also being placed before the off and keep the bet when going in-play (i know how to automate the keep in play function so the bet is ready to be taken in the market which i have worked out already).

so i want to back for say £10 then lay off at odds which will give me £3 greened profit for example. Automation only seems to allow lay off at so many ticks.


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Place your back bet (or lay bet) as normal but instead of using a lay bet use the "Green All Selections" rule type.

General Tab
Green all Selections
Arm 00:00:01 after event goes in play (or whatever time you want the rule to be active from)
Till 00:10:00 after event goes in play (or what ever time you want the rule to be active till)

Parameters Tab

Conditions Tab
Green all profit condition
Greater than £3

(You can even back multiple runners/selections and will still be greened up as soon as the profit target you set is reached - and it works the same if your laying first)

If you wish to close when a loss is reached you would set the condition as

Conditions Tab
Green all profit condition
less than -£3

If you wish to use both you need to to create a seperate rule type for each, after the first is created click on the green plus icon to add a new rule type and then add the other one

A automation bot with both a profit and loss rule is available to use from the shared files library which you can customize to your own values and/or copy its contents into your existing automation file ... 43&t=11407

NB Whenever using a Greening Up rule i would always suggest setting it to trigger 3 or more times, and if using in-play then ensure the rearm time is longer than the in-play delay, so for horse racing i would use 3 secs
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It can sometimes be confusing when to use less or greater than when setting profit or loss conditions. The best way to remember it is to visulize it as a ladder and remember greater is higher and less is lower


So if you wanted to set a rule to trigger if a loss is worse than -£3 you would use
'Less' than -£3 (less being any figure lower than -£3)

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