Stop Automation Rule Triggering when Green Up Profit / Loss Target Reached

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If your greening up to a target profit or Loss and therefore want to stop your rule from placing any more bets once this figure is reached you just need to include the following condition

For this example if you have set your "green all" profit target to £10.

On each of your Back and lay rule types add the condition
"Green all Profit Condition"
is Less than £9.99

Once you have greened up for £10 or over the rule will stop triggering further bets.

You also may want to have your automation stop if a loss amount is reached
and you have green up (or redded up) The following will now stop your rule from triggering once a loss of -£5.00 or more is reached

By adding a seperate
"Green all profit Condition"
is Greater than -£5.01

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