Offset Bet Placed Only after Opening Bet is Filled / Matched

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When using the Offset bet (with or without greening) you have three options on how the offset is handled.

Option 1 - The offset bet is placed at SAME time as your opening bet.
This would be suited to strategies like scalping in stable markets when there is plenty of money either side of the book and you want to try and have both orders reach the front of the queue about the same time, or you might be looking for a gap between the back and lay price and want both orders placed at the same time to ensure both are at the front of the queue.

For this you need only select the Offset bet option you wish to use from the drop down list


Option 2 - The offset is placed ONLY when your opening bet is filled.
This would be suited to strategies like directional scalping and B2L's etc were you're expecting the price to move in a certain direction or In-play racing markets were your trying to catch a bounce.

For this you need to also tick the fill/kill box to instruct Bet Angel to hold off placing your offset bet until the opening bet is filled (matched). Any remaining amount not filled within the time you have specified is killed when the time expires and only the amount that was matched will be offset.


Option 3 - The offset is placed ONLY when your opening bet starts getting filled .
This is similar to option 2 above except rather than waiting for your whole bet to be matched Bet Angel will offset your opening bet in batches as it begins to be filled.

This would be suited to markets where bets might be matched at a slower rate like pre-match soccer markets or when using larger stakes and you don't want to wait for your whole opening bet to be filled or killed before the offset is placed.

To offset in batches simply enter the number of batches you wish to offset your bet in, So for example if using a £500 stake and 10 offset Batches this would mean as every £50 of the opening bet is matched £50 is then offset for you, if you used the same stake with 4 offset Batches then as each £125 is matched this amount is then offset.

In the image below i have set up Global Settings to place a 1 tick offset with greening. The offset will be placed in 20 batches as the opening bet begins to get matched (So if I use a £100 stake as each £5 is matched that amount is offset for me). The opening bet will remain in the market for up to 60 seconds, anything left after this will be killed.


To Recap
fill/kill unticked - offset placed at same time as opening bet
fill/kill ticked - offset placed after opening bet is filled
fill/kill ticked & batches used - offset placed as opening bet starts to get filled

**Also remember when using any of the options above ensure you have enabled 'Global Settings' by UNCROSSING the blue cog icon on that trading screen**

Finally all these options are available and work in the same way when using automation, except when using automation you will set them from the 'Global Settings' area of the 'Parameters' tab within the automation editor for each individual rule.

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