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One feature of Bet Angel I could not do without is the 'Keyboard Shortcut Editor' which is fully customizable and allows you to map out over 200 of the Bet Angel features to a single key stroke including Trade closing, Bet Modifications, Staking, screen displays and Layouts etc, which in fast moving markets can even be the difference between ending up with a profitable or losing trade.

Just having the likes of ‘Take SP’ or ‘Green all’ mapped to keyboard buttons is so much faster than having to move your mouse cursor across the screen to click on a small profit figure or the actual ‘Take SP’ box especially if you have limited screen space and these are hidden behind graphs and charts etc.

To use this feature and access the 'Keyboard shortcut editor', click on
Settings > Edit Settings > Behaviour and at the bottom of the page you will see ‘Keyboard Shortcuts’ to get started click ‘Create New Profile’.

From here It is fairly self-explanatory to set up the shortcuts you want to create, for ease of use all the features of the software have been categorized then it’s just a case of choosing the action required then assigning a key stoke for that action.

Start by clicking on the ‘Green Plus’ icon at the top left then select one of the category’s from the ‘Shortcut Category’ drop down list, depending on which category is selected the shortcut actions applicable for that category will now be available in the ‘Shortcut Action’ dropdown box below this - so the next step is to choose the action you require.

Finally, by clicking on the ‘Capture Next Keypress’ button its now just a case of pressing the key you want to assign that action to (See Top Image).

That is now your first shortcut key complete, to add another simply click the ‘Green Plus’ icon and repeat the above process, once you have created all the shortcut keys you want click the ‘Disk +’ icon to name and save the profile.
You can then come back to this profile to edit it at any time or create a completely new profile with a whole different set of shortcut keys and have as many as you wish.

If you do create multiple profiles you can select the one you want to use from the ‘Active Profile’ dropdown box at the bottom of the main ‘Behaviour’ tab followed by clicking ‘save’.

The middle image shows the way I have my keyboard shortcuts set up.
(When creating keyboard shortcuts personally I try and assign each action to an appropriate Letter, ie Next market to key ‘N’ and Guardian to Key ‘G’ etc).

Once you have created some Keyboard short cuts you can take it one step further by using a gamer mouse (typically they cost between £10-£40) these have a number of additional buttons compared to a normal mouse - I only use a 9 button mouse with all the buttons on the side similar to the one shown in the bottom illustration and have all my keyboard shortcuts detailed above mapped to each of the buttons.

Using a mouse like this combined with the Keyboard shortcuts I have created I can do so much of my trading without ever actually taking my hand off my mouse - or even moving it!
Quiet literally this can shave a second off most of my moves and is especially useful when trading in-play.

To see a video tutorial showing this in action see link below

To see more information how a gamer mouse will improve your trading see this video
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