Dutch & Variable Dutching of Multiple Selections to Increase Your Chance of Winning

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If you are not familiar with the concept of dutching, it is simply the process of placing more than one bet in a market to win if a range of results occurs.

For example In horse racing you could face the complexity of a very competitive handicap. Twenty-eight runners, all roughly similarly weighted and at the front of the field all at roughly the same odds. An impossible puzzle to solve from a betting perspective. Who on earth is going to win? With dutching you can simplify the problem by saying ‘I expect any one of these six selections to win’. You don’t need to look at picking the winner, just a selection that you think could win. You move from saying that who will win to picking a bunch of horses that you think will win.

It is also a very popular method when trading on the correct score market in football (or soccer) as it allows you to cover multiple score lines, therefore, increasing your chances of winning

If you went up to a regular bookmaker and said, ‘I would like £50 if the favorite wins, £20 if the 2nd, 3rd or 4th wins and break even if the next two come in’, he would look at you as though you had gone mad!
While it seems impossible that you could ever place this sort of bet, it is possible using the advanced dutching tool on Bet Angel, and not only is it possible but once you understand the basics after reading this example you'll see it's no more difficult than placing a regular bet.

Getting Started

To get started on the main Bet Angel screen once a market has been selected the ‘Dutching’ tool can be accessed by clicking on the Dutching The first

First thing you'll see is there are three different staking methods which you can use to Dutch with.

Back with a stake of
Back for a target profit of
(using this option you can also override the profits or losses for each selection and specify different amounts for each)
Back for a Minimum Stake of

The first one I’m looking at is ‘Back with a stake of’ and I’m going to use a £25 stake in this example which means my MAXIMUM loss for this whole bet can only be £25 regardless of how many selections I chose to Dutch.

I’m looking at the Bournemouth Vs Tottenham correct score market and expecting it to be a low scoring game which spurs may just edge but uncertain of what the exact score might be I’m going to be backing several scores I feel are most likely to be the final result.

As I begin to tick each selection (correct score) Bet Angel will recalculate the stake needed for each so my total stake used is always £25. Meaning when I tick the first selection my whole £25 stake is showing on that one selection, as I tick the next selection that £25 is now spread out over both depending on the odds of each of them to still give an equal profit if either of the scores is the final result - while still only having a £25 loss on any other score.

Remember you can Dutch as many or as few selections of a market as you wish although each additional selection decreases the profits slightly the loss from any unchosen selections will remain the same so you could give yourself a smaller profit but a very high strike rate by backing all but 1 or 2 of the selections.

When choosing each selection, you have three options with the odds

1) Current Back odds (highlighted in Blue) providing there is enough money at these odds your bet will be instantly matched or at least part matched
2) Current Lay odds (highlighted in Pink) here you’re asking for a price for this selection rather than taking what’s on offer so your bet will be queued behind the money already waiting at these odds shown in the pink box.
3) Manually chose your own odds – If you would rather ask for even higher odds than the current lay price you can use this option and enter whatever you want and the software will still calculate the stake required.

In the image, you will see I have done a combination of these, I want the 0-0 and 1-1 scores lines to be matched immediately so have taken the current back odds whereas with 1-2 and 0-2 I’m not expecting early goals so have asked for much higher odds expecting the price to drift slightly during the match.

You can see I finished up by backing 6 correct scores which I felt most likely to occur and Bet Angel has calculated all the individual stakes needed for each selection depending on the odds i want so as to keep the profit the same for them all. These range from £3.30 to £5.64 and as long as ANY of these are the final score I will profit £27.78, only if any of the other scores are the final result will I lose my £25 stake.

Now I have chosen all my selections and specified my stake and odds all that’s left to do now is click the ‘Place Bets’ button to submit the bets to the market.

With all my bets matched and the scores I have selected in this match I can only lose if Bournemouth were to score 2 or more goals or if Spurs score 3 or more, otherwise I will see a profit of £27.78 on all other results.

And that’s how easy it is to get started with the Dutching tool and back multiple selections to increase your chances of profiting from a market. Ill add a follow up post shortly showing how some of the other staking options can be used.
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Variable Dutching

It can be frustrating with traditional dutching that you choose four selections in a market. Then none of the four wins but the fifth in the list, which you didn’t cover, is the one that wins.

So, another staking method which can be used when Dutching is the ‘Back to a Target Profit of’ This just happens to be my personal favorite and the one I use the most by far.

As the name suggests this time you're specifying a profit which you want to achieve regardless of which of your chosen selections wins, but a handy option you get when using this staking method is the ability to ‘Override Target Profit’ also know as 'Variable Dutching'.
What this does is lets you set individual profits or losses you want from one or more of the selections therefore allowing you to cover/part-cover additional selections with different P/L amounts.

Why would you do this – well you may feel that while certain selections are not likely you don’t really want to take a full loss if one does occur so here you can set what you feel is an acceptable loss for each one or maybe have just a fraction of the profit instead of the full amount on some which reduces the size of your overall stake used.

Using the same football market as the post above my view is for it to still be a low scoring game which spurs may just edge. This time I’m Dutching to a target profit of £25 on the scores I think most likely.

The first thing I’m going to do is choose the scores I want to cover then I’m going to ‘Override’ the profit on a few of these selections and set some loss amounts I’m prepared to accept.

Just as in the previous post the odds can be specified for each selection but for ease of use here I’m just going to take the current back odds for each and ‘Override’ my £25 target profit, as I do this Bet Angel will re-calculate the stakes required and these are shown in the ‘Stakes’ column.

If you look at the image below you ll see on six of the scores lines I have chosen it’s NOT showing a £25 profit, this is because on these I want to set some individual amounts - although I don’t think they’ll occur I don’t want to take a full loss if they do so have ‘Overridden’ the profits of these and manually set different amounts for each.

For 0-0, 1-0 & 1-1 I don’t want to risk anything so have set these to £0. In other words, if any of these scores is the final result I’m prepared to walk away from this bet without winning or losing anything.
For 2-0, 2-1 & 0-3 I’m prepared to lose a fiver should the game finish with one of these scores.
The remaining low scoring wins for Spurs I will profit £25 (my target amount).

What this basically means is I can only lose my full stake if the match now has 4 or more goals, ANY other score will return either a profit, break even or minimal £5 loss.

Now I just need to click ‘Place bets’ and that’s it done, as you can see the flexibility this staking method gives you is what makes it a very useful when dutching.

To see a video tutorial on dutching the correct score using the two methods detailed in this thread click the link below
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