Create a Price Range for a Automation or Servant Rule to Trigger in

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When using automation or a Servant you may want to create a ‘Price Range’ for the rule to trigger in, for example, you might have rule that you only want to trigger if a selections back price, lay price, last traded price or SP etc was between two values

For example you could you might want to trigger a back bet on the 3rd Fav in-running if its SP was between 8.0 - 12.0

To do this it's very simple and just requires 2 X ‘Fixed Odds Conditions’ adding to the rule, one of these is to test if the SP is greater than, the other to test if it's less than.

Of course, you don't just have to use SP, the condition allows you to test a selections back price, lay price, last traded price, projected SP and servant context price.

In the image below I have added a fixed odds condition to specify the Actual SP of the 3rd fav is greater than 8.0

Greater Fixed Odds.JPG

Next click 'New' again to add your second ‘Fixed Odds Condition’ this time I'm going specify the 3rd fav has an Actual SP of less than 12.0

Less Fixed Odds.JPG

And that's it, as you can see in the left window I now have a price range for the rule to trigger in.
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