What is a Coupon

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A ‘coupon’ is a collection or group of markets from an event all displayed in the same place showing you an overview of several markets all at once.
If you’ve used the Betfair website you should be familiar with the following image – well that’s a coupon.

Betfair Coupon.JPG

With Bet Angel not only do you have the ability to view and trade from markets in a coupon but also Bet Angel coupons are fully customizable, so you can set up and create as many coupons as require, each configured and laid out however you want and to suit the type of markets your trading or betting on, below are just a few examples of some coupon layouts you could create.

Euro Eng Goal.JPG

Tennis Coupon.JPG

Horse Racing Win & Place Mkts.JPG

Coupons can be created and used with any sport but the most popular use for them will no doubt be with soccer markets.

A big advantage of Bet Angel’s coupons which you may have noticed in the images above is you are also able to display multiple ‘Events’ within the same coupon, so unlike the Betfair website where you would click into a market of an event, for example, the ‘match odds’ market of a football fixture and only see related markets to that fixture as you can see with Bet Angel you can do that BUT view multiple fixtures at the same time!

As I touched on above when creating a coupon in Bet Angel using the coupon editor, you have the options to fully configure it however you want and need it, this means you can add as many additional panels (vertical panes) as you require as well as being able to select exactly which markets appear in each of them, what information gets displayed for each and what order they appear etc…

In short, the Bet Angel coupon editor gives you full control of what and how you want the markets displayed within a coupon.

Pre-Off Coupon.JPG

Having up to Date Infomation

A final but important point worth mentioning is unlike viewing markets in a coupon on the Betfair website where the data and information you see is typically around 5 seconds behind the main market your viewing when using a coupon in Bet Angel you will have real-time market information and data for ALL markets which can still be refreshed and retrieve updates as fast as 50 times every second.

Now you know what a coupon is the following thread will show you how to use them in more detail
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