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Is a summer camp a family holiday resort?
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Derek27 wrote:
Fri Jan 07, 2022 1:13 pm
Is a summer camp a family holiday resort?
nope - usually only for the kids. however, due to my (now) wife having worked there for 4 years during the 90's, we managed to swing a month hanging out there. of course, had to pitch in and help with activities, but it was all good. it's a great experience for kids in the US. I guess the long hot summers help tho!!
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It really was. We water-skied on the lake in the summers and in the winters it froze over so thick you could happily walk across it.

The camp wasn't a "chain" type. Just a small local one run at a place called Sycamore Park in Putnam County New York. To Derek, yes, the camps were just for kids. Summer school vacations tend to be a lot longer than the UK. To help parents lots of places have day camps. Adult leaders helped by teenagers, usually around 15 yrs up. Great fun.
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