Cheltenham Festival 2023

The sport of kings.
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Dallas wrote:
Sat Mar 18, 2023 11:12 am
Think I ended up with losses from 4 races over the festival which is one of my highest but overall I've done slightly better and certainly enjoyed it more than the last few years

It just seemed to feel more like it used to a few years back

Only another 361 days to go to the next one :roll:
When I was trading racing I'd be looking forward to the start of the flat and Aintree now. :)
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Would people agree that the Cheltenham Festival moves a lot less than the other big meets (Royal Ascot, Aintree)?

Whenever I've traded quality racing throughout the year such as Cheltenham (non festival meets), Sandown and Newmarket, there seems to have been plenty of movement on offer. But this recent festival caught me out initially as I was simply asking for too much.

So with that said, will Aintree next month behave more similar to a typical quality meet (Sandown), or offer much less movement such as the recent Cheltenham Festival?
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Derek27 wrote:
Fri Mar 17, 2023 9:37 pm
That API price change count is interesting.
I query that as rough guide to how healthy the exchange is other than volume. If it's as busy and the volume is down, then I hope it's just a sign of people maintinaing their betting habits but just spending less money in hard times. If the activity is down it could be a sign there's also fewer people. When the economy recovers existing users should spend more again, but lost customers will be harder to get back.

Finger in the wind stuff obviously because you can't tell how conflated the messages are on such an active market, but day to day and month to month it's varied enough to be indicative of something or other.
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