Royal Ascot 2020 (without the Royal's)

The sport of kings.
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I didn’t enjoy it very much, not from a trading perspective anyway. I enjoyed the spectacle and it was interesting watching the behind closed doors racing.

First day I wasn’t sure what to expect. Frankies rides had all been priced up as if he’d ridden a treble already, I think Pianissimo had been put in at 8-1 or something like that in the last race on the first day. I think you could have added a zero to that price by off time.

Was more or less even on the first day, no big wins or losses, just seemed to win a race, lose a race, win a race, lose etc. Then on the Wednesday what I thought I’d learnt on the first day didn’t seem to hold up and it was another frustrating break even day.

Thursday was similar, couldn’t find a way in to many of the races, probably should have passed on a lot more than I did, though kind of feel obliged to play as it’s Ascot, and when you see all those runners and all that money on the ladder you think that there must be a decent trade in there somewhere.

Found yesterday tough too, was probably pushing too hard to try and get something as I hadn’t had a decent result all week, and ended up boiling over and getting in a mess. Didn’t even attempt to trade today, just been watching.

So a disappointing week for me, especially as I’d made a bright start grinding the smaller meetings after the break.

It didn’t trade like a normal festival week to me anyway. I think the lack of course money and drunk punters etc made a big difference to how the markets behaved.

Definitely lessons to be learnt on my part, and I will be treading carefully at the rest of the summer flat festivals and going to just treat them as a normal race and try not to get myself so fired up.

Also really hoping that everything is back to normal and the crowds and the Guinness are back come Cheltenham in March !

Back to the grind......
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