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Hey everyone,

Hope you guys are enjoying the summer days!

I've been spending some time on learning the art of B2L/Dobbing and Ill be honest I cant seem get a positive result.
I usually research the races, sticking to sprints, and selecting horses that have good pace and DOB percentages while also having previously run on the same length and going.

I end up winning 1 and losing 2 or sometimes losing 2 or 3 in a day. I am playing with small stakes right now so no harm done but Im confused as to where Im going wrong.

Any advice from experienced Back to layers here or Dobbers who have been doing this consistently?

One thing to note is im using an automation right now and if the trade goes against me , i lose the entire one point.
I have a suspicion that the key to this is getting out when you see the B2L isnt working for you and reducing your loss.

Nonetheless, I would appreciate any advice thrown my way since im still relatively new to this.

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Sprints are harder, imo. Long distances give more time for things to happen, or appear to be about to happen.
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Thats true but dont long races depend more on stamina less on pace?
Unless you mean 1m races, which makes sense.
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