Form Duo to trade in play trackside in Victoria

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JCB - you are very knowledgeable.

Do you have any idea why the USA racing provided by
Robertson has stopped locking on 99W ?
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Unfortunately I don't have any idea 😔
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JCB wrote:
Fri Sep 16, 2022 6:22 am
Charliechee wrote:
Mon Sep 12, 2022 11:50 am
JCB i read in the Aus racing thread you said a group of players are accessing a feed over in the USA, is that correct.
Sky distribute raw vision (with very little delay) by cable to 2 countries, NZ (to be distributed by NZ TAB/Trackside) and the USA (distributed by Sky Racing World).

The North American ADW's have quite a bit of influence over the various stakeholders involved in the industry (not the right word I'm looking for but hopefully you get the picture). There is no centralised pari-mutuel body like there is in AU and NZ so the licensing agreements aren't as strict as they are over here (where you have major players like Foxtel involved).

If you turnover large amounts through a particular ADW, they will do everything they can to help and in the past that has included fast vision direct from the broadcaster. There are 2 issues that come along with that, first you need to have a resident of the US open and operate the account for you and secondly, you have to turnover large amounts before you'll be extended special privileges. In the past there were very attractive rebates available where it was simple to break even or even eke out a small percentage on turnover, but those larger rebates are history now so you'd likely have to operate at a significant loss in order to have your ADW pull any strings on your behalf and it's unlikely it would be a viable strategy these days unless you had some sort of grandfathered agreement.

So yes it's possible that there are legacy players out there, but if you were starting off today I couldn't imagine it would be worth it.

JCB you say you don't think it's a third party but what confuses me is since betfair have received their fast feed (around 2 secs behind live) the dynamics has changed, this was no way near as bad previously.
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You are right, the increased efficiency coincided with Betfair being granted access to the faster feed but as you say, they are still suspending between 2+ seconds behind live and the market is definitely way ahead of that. So discounting the possibility that tracksiders started hitting every single track in the country at exactly the same time, someone is trading with much faster pics than Betfair has been provided with.
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