Bsp and ladder odds?

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In Bf historical data the bsp values are sometimes given to over 5 decimal places and sometimes as one of the exact odds values from the ladder. For instance in yesterdays results about one third of the bsps are ladder odds. Anyone know why this happens so often? Are some of the values rounded or is there something about bsp which makes it likely to resolve to a ladder value? Thanks
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I think 3dp is the most I've seen but it depends on the size of the BSP pool. The bigger the pool the more precise the BSP but I'd have to leave a deeper explanation to someone else.
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It's at least 6 dp and maybe 9 or 10.

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I often wonder about how many settle at exact ladder odds. I can't think of a rational explanation, and betfair always shroud the subject in secrecy.
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BSP reconciliation includes volumes from the exchange, so if there is zero BSP to Lay and $1 BSP to back, then BF settles that at the best price available on the exchange so if the exchange is 12/12.5 then BSP will be 12.000000
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Thanks for the replies.

I've found an explanation from bf of how they do the calculations : ... kings.html

As Anbell said, bf will sometimes use money from the exchange, even when take SP hasn't been selected, and when this happens the bsp will end up as a ladder value.
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