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eightbo wrote:
Fri May 17, 2024 3:05 am
Could anyone suggest possible new angles given my unique location?
I'm <30min from Flemington, Caulfield, and Moonee Valley for example.

I recall megarain mentioning AM radio a while back for example, then there's probably tracksiding the start in-person, anything other ideas? – I'm open to suggestions
When you mean tracksiding the start, do you mean laying the poor starters? If so, I believe that's a no go these days because they are turning the markets in play 1.5 seconds after the jump now. In theory I guess you could have your finger hovering over one particular horse and hope it comes out sideways and try to beat the suspension but there's no way you could watch the start, identify the random slow starter and get on before it goes in play. It used to be possible, quite a few people were doing it judging by the fact that you'd often see something trading at $3 before the jump and then SP at $8 when it came out 5 lengths behind. But those days are long gone.

Harness racing could be a potential angle but you have to be *really* careful. Last week there was a race at Redcliffe where the odds on fav galloped hopelessly about 10 seconds before release, didn't interfere with anything and they still called it a false start. Of course it went on to win on the restart but that gets a green light every other time. It was part of a sprint series and the starter was probably told to apply different rules in order to keep the better horses in play. Haven't looked at the prices traded but it was a legit 100-1+ chance under the usual rules and I imagine there were some seriously shitty layers when the red light went up. Liquidity evaporates close to the start anyway so you'd be chasing peanuts and risking a dud decision by the starter for your troubles.

In-play stuff has never really been my bag, so there are better people to opine than myself, but I think it would be really hard to make anything other than beer money as a tracksider these days. There's no liquidity and what little liquidity is there is pretty sharp.

Give it a crack with some play money though, I could be totally wrong!
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I would say Tracksiders would be hanging around the parade ring now days, looking to see how they parade before the cameras go on them in the birdcage
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Oooooh very interesting guys thank you.

I was thinking about start action yes. So maybe if that's not an option I'll leave it. Maybe go one day just for the craic

Wasn't sure how each track is covered, do bf have a 3rd party human covering every track?

I saw morphetville being turned late IP consistently for a while a few years ago for example
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Race times for Scone all screwed up, waiting for Ambulance by the looks of things, Plus Bathurst Abandoned, very frustrating
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