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I have no doubt this has been addressed elsewhere on the forum, however I've been unable to locate the discussion so I apologise - any direction or guidance would be much appreciated.

What I want to do is this:

1. Have Guardian running on a Match Odds market for a football match (I can do this).

2. Apply various conditions to the trigger for the Automation within the same market, e.g. Place Back Bet on Home Team if Draw Price is X (I can do this).

3. In addition to conditions from the same market (so for Match Odds, the Home price, the Away price, and the Draw price), I want to apply conditions from other markets (e.g. Over/Under 2.5 goals) with the result being, for example, Place Back Bet on Home Team in Match Odds Market if the Over 2.5 Goals price is XYZ.

I have a feeling it might have something to do with setting a signal or storing a value (?) but I'd be grateful for a push in the right direction.


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You are correct, Stored Values set at Event level will allow you to pass information from one market to another in the same Event
and Stored Values set at Bet Angel level can pass information from any market to any other market throughout the day

This post explains it further

And there are some ready-made examples in the shared files section you can download (and edit anyway you want)
Lay the Draw if Odds of O2.5 is Greater than 'X' Bot - ... 50&t=16232
Track Over 1.5 Goals Price to Trigger Bet on Over 2.5 Goals Market Bot - ... 50&t=16255
Back Win Mkt Movers in Place Mkt Bot - ... 53&t=16239
Back a Nominated Runner in the Win and Place Mkts if Place Price is 'X' bot - ... 52&t=17026
Lay O2.5 & Green up, then use Profits on LTD @ HT if it's Still 0-0 Guardian Automation Bot - viewtopic.php?f=50&t=21362
Lay the Draw and Green up after a Goal by Checking the 0-0 CS Bot - ... 50&t=17043
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Amazing, thank you for your help Dallas
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