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rodrigonog1995 wrote:
Fri Jun 17, 2022 5:06 pm
rodrigonog1995 wrote:
Fri Jun 17, 2022 4:36 pm
Dallas wrote:
Fri Jun 17, 2022 1:40 pm
Ah ok you never said you'd modified it in you original message earlier

I won't have time to check the file till the morning, i'm about to get started on Royal Ascot, but will take a look then unless anyone else picks it up before then

PS, i've just edited the logs out your last two messages just to save having to scroll past them now we know its because your editing the file
Thanks dallas. When you have time then please if you can help it would be great
The main problem that I have is it's not respect some conditions. It's rearming multiple times, meaning I would like to bet 10 euros against the server every time but it's doing that several times at the same time. And it's also betting at odds I don't want. I put fixed odd conditions of over 1.2 and under 3.05 but it doesn't work
I've just opened the file for a quick look and only scanned down the six rules on the General tab but can already see you have both greening rules and both checkpoint rules applied to row 1 (and none applied to row 2)

you need one of each them applied to row 2
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You're right. I already change. If you spot anything else please let me know. Thank you for the help !
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