Back Fav if Lose 1st Set and Green up in Stages Guardian Automation Bot

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Dallas wrote:
Thu Sep 24, 2020 12:53 pm
kizyan1989 wrote:
Thu Sep 24, 2020 11:26 am
kizyan1989 wrote:
Thu Sep 24, 2020 11:24 am

Right I see, so the condition I added wont make a blind bit of difference as it would trigger but not act in the 1st set. I've closed the market now on Guardian, I'm very new to automation as I do everything manually so I only know basics. Just perplexed as to why it didnt trigger as I could see the profit across both selections was above 50% of stake.

Oh here we go:

4/09/2020 10:29:37: Market changed to Ostapenko v Hibino - Match Odds
24/09/2020 10:48:32: Market has been suspended
24/09/2020 10:48:33: [G_Auto] : An error occurred while Greening Up Jelena Ostapenko by Laying 0.26 at 8.8 [stage 1S][1.08_2]: The entire order has been rejected.
24/09/2020 10:48:33: [G_Auto] : An error occurred while Greening Up Jelena Ostapenko by Laying 0.26 at 8.8: The bet has already been taken or lapsed

That was set up as instructed in the OP. As a trial I just ran it with £1 stake hence the 0.26 I guess.
Balls, thats the end of the match. Theres nothing else on the log unfortunatly, I switched markets a few times.
If the market is still in Guardian you'll be able to click on it, then below the bottom window click the 'log' tab and that will show the full log for just that market.

Looking at that part of the log you sent that was the green up rule that would trigger at 2-0 in a 5 set mens match as its fired after the market was suspended.
So I need to see further back to see what happened with the 50% green up rule

The settings in your image are fine so they've been added correctly
Thanks, but stupidly removed it from guardian. It just triggered on another match but backed the underdog for some reason! I think I will leave this one now its frying my brain :lol:
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