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I have provided here 2 types of Green ALL profits to be used specifically for 2 Player Events such as Tennis,Darts,Cricket,Snooker etc. I thought it best to provide context also.
These 2 BAFS which because they GREEN ALL by a back bet also allow for a Fill/Kill (and will also repeat until the GREENS are both level or within 0.01). This is to safe-guard against an unmatched bet which occasionally occurs if Odds move away at the instant of moment of the BET.
The Greenall feature provided in BETANGEL is excellent and you can add whatever conditions you like with it in a BAF but I have just added an extra variation with FILL/KILL in the first named BAF1 and an exception also in the second one provided.
The types of scenarios encountered in 2 Player events where you have reached a GREEN ALL PROFIT > 0 are
(1) You Backed the FAV and its price has shortened.The PL’s will show GREEN/RED
(2) You backed the outsider FAV2 and again price has shortened but is still FAV2 The PL’s will also show GREEN/RED
(3) You backed the outsider FAV2 and price shortened to become the FAV1
The PL’s show GREEN/RED
(4) In any of (1),(2) or (3) above you closed the trade and the FAV may even have flipped after the close. The PL’s will show GREEN/GREEN the highest GREEN on the traded selection.

As LAYING a selection in a 2PLAYER event is the same as backing the other selection you can see that all the above 4 scenarios also cover laying situations.
You will also notice that the Highest Green can land in either the current FAV1 or current FAV2. The dilemma of course is whether you would wish to Level the Greens with a GREEN ALL PROFIT manoeuver if the Higher Profit lies in the Current Favourite.
You may opt to Leave as is and take the chance it wins and reap the higher reward.

Will LEVEL in every GREENALL > 0 (or at whatever value you put in there)
the single rule variation has an exception in that it will not GREEN ALL where the greater GREEN is on the current FAV as mentioned above. One for the risk takers.
BAF1 caters for every conceivable scenario where the specified GAP amount reached.

BAF2 essentially caters only for outsider backed and still FAV2 with GAP arising or possibly current FAV2 was backed and trade closed earlier creating greater GREEN on current FAV2 side.Or even original FAV1 traded and FAV FLIP bring its GREEN to FAV2.
All other situations involve the current FAV1 having a GREEN PL amount not covered by this BAF2 which has that as the exception.
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