Recording market odds and traded volumes spreadsheet - capturing data

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How can I record this data for multiple markets at once? I'd like to record 5-6 per day....
i'm mainly interested in live soccer,1 market per day is a bit short.
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assign a file to each market you want to record
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I downloaded the file the other day and noticed the original file was posted in 2010! I now have it running successfully on the greyhound markets. VBA etc is currently outside my skillset so really appreciate the technical information/files more expirienced people offer on the forum
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Absolutely agree with you Michael5482. The technical resources shared in this forum are incredibly valuable.

Speaking of recording data from different markets, one approach that has worked well for me personally is using API that can automatically fetch real-time odds and other market data. I've used the Betfair odds API a few times to retrieve data from different sports events.

It can be quite helpful to get real-time updates and past stats, which can be crucial for making informed bets. Just sharing if you find it useful in your greyhound markets or future betting data needs.
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