How to use and Connect a Data Capture Spreadsheet to Bet Angel

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This is a quick guide on how to use one of the many data-capture worksheets available to download from this section of the forum, the same principle is applied to any worksheet you wish to use with Bet Angel.

There are two ways to use any Excel sheet with Bet Angel, first is on the main screen and would be used for single markets, the second and one you’ll likely be using if capturing data from multiple each day is through Guardian.

Main Interface

To capture data (or use any workbook on a single market) select the ‘Excel’ tab, then click browse and locate the file on your PC, if you have just downloaded it will likely be in your download folder, when you get to that folder if you can’t see it you may have to select ‘All Files’ as shown in the image below

File Type.JPG

Once selected, click ‘Open’ then as soon as it's opened the ‘Connect’ button will become active, click this and your data-capture sheet will be connected to whatever market you have on your ladder/one-click screen.

Open Main 2.JPG


As I said earlier the most likely way you will use a data capture sheet is via Guardian and applying the data-capture sheet to multiple markets.
To do this first make sure you have your markets loaded into Guardian then click the ‘Excel’ tab across the top and it’s the same process as before, Browse for your workbook, click ‘Open’ then click ‘Connect’

Guardian Open.JPG

If the data-capture sheet (or whatever workbook your going to be using) has multiple worksheets within it (ie, Bet Angel, Bet Angel 2, Bet Angel 3 etc) then you can tick the ‘Auto-bind Bet Angel Sheets’ box located just to the right of the connect button and each market will be binded (connected) to its own individual sheet automatically for you.

If your data-capture sheet will be capturing all the data to one worksheet (has only one worksheet named Bet Angel) then after connecting the sheet click on the ‘Excel’ cell for the first market and select the worksheet named ‘Bet Angel’ as sown in the image below

Excel Cell.JPG

You will then need to repeat that for the remaining markets – unless you use the keyboard shortcut editor and create a short cut key to clone excel binding, see image below for the options required in the keyboard short cut editor.


If you have an assigned short cut key then with the first market in Guardian highlighted press your 'Shift + End' keys to select all markets or use 'Shift + Dwn Arrow' key to select a few, once the ones your interested in are all highlighted press your shortcut key to bind this same Bet Angel sheet to those markets in one go.

Finally, ensure you have your Guardian refresh rates and any restrict refresh settings you maybe using correctly set to enable you to capture the data you require
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