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Hi All

I am a bit of a trading newbie and I was hoping that some of you Excel boffins :ugeek: could help me.

I noticed one of the posts mentioned something about an Odds Extractor that Betfair refused to support any longer. This info would be very useful to me as it would allow me to record the facts and figures and study them afterwards. This would hopefully provide me with pointers as to how and why the prices fluctuate.

It occurred to me that it could be done in Excel. :idea: Im reasonably au fait with Excel but I figure that it would need some VB code to operate and my knowledge of that is limited. Does anybody have something that fits the bill or could they point me in the right direction please?

Thanks in anticipation.
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Use the charting spreadsheet that is supplied with Bet Angel.
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I have looked at it before and it doesn't really fit the bill. If you have the graph turned off and click on the data tab you will see the runners with back, lay, market and MAV being updated periodically but each update overwrites the last. When you switch on the graph the data capture begins to offest by one column. As there are only 256 columns, when it hits the last one (Col IV) it jumps back to the beginning (Col A) and overwrites the data.

There are a few problems with this. First, Id like to record more data such as WOM, last traded price etc. Second, Im not sure of the intervals used to capture the data, Id like to record a time stamp so I can see how the price fluctuates over time.

What Im trying to do is replicate the info Betfair use to produce their charts. There was something called Odds Extractor (or Odd Sex Tractor :lol:) that Betfair no longer supports which did the same thing. I may be wrong but I think it was sold with Bet Angel until Betfair lent on them.

Ive bought some Excel VBA handbooks to help me do it myself but Im sure there must be a couple of UberGeeks that could whip it up in a flash whereas I'll be tinkering with it for months!!! :(
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Yeah, that will be the finish of the sheet I am working on if I can work out how to do it. From what I can see, the charting sheet has the capacity to nearly do what I want, but I wish to use that sort of function for my own calculations which are in another sheet.
I believe the onTime function is of value here, but I have no idea how to use it.
So can anybody give any tips, on how to record, at different time intervals, a data cell, to an ever expanding range of cells, without having to use a seperate sheet.
Would be much appreciated, even if just a point in the right direction. Happy to learn how to do it, if I can just find where I can learn from. :)
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You can run a counter on a 1 second timer,(A2) will increase by 1 every second, or you can target a specific cell/cells and everytime the value changes, the the row below will record the change.

(This spreadsheet is intended for educational purposes only.)
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