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Hi Traders,

Adding to list of various data-capture spreadsheets floating around I've created my own version of a data-capture spreadsheet.
Requires Excel 2010 (or higher) and a good spec machine to handle at-least 10-20 MB of excel file running alongside BA.
Download link: ... sp=sharing

Instructions & demonstration in this video:
Make sure to view the video in 1080HD setting on YouTube else it might appear a bit blurry.

Here's a brief list of some of the features in this spreadsheet:
  • PL Stats
    Return on turnover
    Volatility Profile
    Market Overivew Graph
    Betfair Graph (at-least similar to it)
    Front 3 Back & Lay money Graph
    WOM Graph
    Market Volume Graph
    Trading Range Stats
    Ladder View for individual runner
PS: I designed this spreadsheet specifically for capturing pre-off horse race trading data (about 5 mins pre-off) so it may not work for other sports like tennis, soccer etc.
The spreadsheet can also capture data for Post-time & In-Play but I haven't actually tested in-play data-capture that much so let me know if you find any bugs there.

And lastly, I'm not really an Excel developer, I just created this spreadsheet for my own custom needs so if it benefits other pre-off traders it's a bonus.

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Very impressive, and most of all, thanks for sharing.


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thanks Switesh,I'll take a look at that tomorrow, much appreciated
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Thankyou for this spreadsheet.

You are a very generous person, your contribution to this forum exceptional. I wish you well and hope your screens are all green.
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Brilliant, thanks for sharing the spreadsheet Switesh.
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Great stuff, for someone who's not an Excel developer you certainly seem to be getting the hang of it - thanks for sharing :D
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Thanks for sharing Switish! I am sure I will find some use for this as I want to look into WOM. Have you developed many bots, as you seem to have some great excel skills!
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absolutely brilliant!
You must of had some falling out building this.....
cant wait to test this, cheers.
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Legend. Great stuff. Sensational really. And great spirit by sharing.
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I've only just taken a good look at the spreadsheet

I absolutely tip my hat, Switesh!

Not only is that a magnificent piece of work, but your willingness to share it with others is something else
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