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Personally I am gutted to hear about Switesh's quitting. He told me last week. I tried to talk him out of it. But was is determined to quit.

He was one of the most generous and genuinely nice guys I have come across during my time trading. He is super intelligent and has an open mind. Like I said to him."You will be successful in whatever you do".

I am hoping he may come back after a break. I think we all go through the tough times trading. You have periods of darkness that make you feel like you want to try something else. I'm sure all of us who have been at it for a while understand that you have to put a serious amount of time and hard work into getting to the point where you actually make decent money. Switesh did that (and some) I think he was so close to that tipping point.

I thought long and hard about quitting no so long back. Not because of money or how successful I am. Just because sitting in a dark room in your underwear day after day sort of sucks the life out of you.
For me that corner has turned and I am full of energy and enthusiasm for my new projects. I think my 6 stone weight loss has the most to do with this. I feel reborn. But the weight gain was due to my trading lifestyle (and the fact I am a lazy bastard) :)

I am sure that everyone who Switesh has helped along his journey would join me in wishing this thoroughly nice chap all the very best in whatever he does. I hope to see him grace these pages again one day.

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I know Switesh would have been a serious success had he stuck at it. Maybe he joined Sports Trading 5 years too late, as manipulation and powerful bots have changed the landscape, making it more unpredictable in the eyes of newcomers and this effects one's confidence

Ultimately, we also don't know what Switesh's financial situation is - perhaps he cannot afford to keep making small amounts for a sustained period. I was lucky, I would never have stuck at this game without having had a decent lump behind me when I entered.

Also, I know first hand how this trading game leads to difficulties in maintaining a social/love/family life - it's not easy getting the balance right, but if you're in Australia and you're trying to trade UK markets during the middle of the night, that simply intensifies the need to make this work sooner rather than later

All the best to him anyway, and thanks for the excellent spreadsheet!
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Without doubt the Switesh Pre-Off data-capture spreadsheet is a 'Masterclass' and yes he appears to be a very humble guy.
Yes it surprises me to learn that he's giving up, it could be for abundance of reasons. Maybe he should create a spreadsheet that includes all factors that made him draw his opinion to stop and grade the points by a mark of 1 to 10 (Then have a tipping point)
1. Is trading neglecting family and personal life.
2. Not a sufficient a bank roll, to sustain long losing periods.
3. Chosen trading strategies not working.
4. Not enough knowledge of Excel or Automation.
5. A more paid job offer.
6. Too many hours trading.

These are some of the questions that could be graded.

1. You you must create a balance and spend time with your love ones.
2. I guess Switesh is intelligent enough to adjust his own personal bank roll.
3. This could be his weakness, for watching his video, he several times relates to not knowing if the chart data etc would be helpful .. I guess he spent so long developing this fantastic spreadsheet and did not have too much time to analyse all this data.
4. This would clearly not be Switesh's problem.
5. Could well have been offered a better paid job. Although his knowledge would allow him to set up certain automation to run in the background.
6. Too many trading hours, yes we should all try and create a balance of quality time off and time with our loved ones.

Whatever Switesh's new path is, he should take pride even if he suffered some losses .. for the road of life has twists and turns and who knows it may lead him back .. " Stronger and Wiser "

Personally I feel his spreadsheet is uber useful, if the data is then related to other factors.

Good luck to Switesh for the future.
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This really is an astonishing piece of work for someone who claims not to be an Excel guru.

One specific point of interest - what are other forum users' thoughts about what the price action of a horse during the last five minutes before the off can actually tell us.

The natural assumption is that the more a horse drifts, the merits of a lay come into play. Conversely, one that's shortening might warrant a bet.

However, if 'the market always knows best', does that simply mean the chances/probability have now been factored in (and the smart investors are those who did their backing/laying prior to the price movement?)

Has anyone carried out volume analysis which points to whether a late market drift/shortening in price is especially significant? Obviously I wouldn't wish anyone to share anything that's particularly lucrative!
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I think betfair did a study on it and there used to be a slight edge in backing drifters. Look at the 1420 at goodwood, the fav drifted from 1.5 to 3+ and it won..

Peter has mentioned that there is value there but I doubt anyone will give away their secrets :D
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LinusP wrote:I think betfair did a study on it and there used to be a slight edge in backing drifters. Look at the 1420 at goodwood, the fav drifted from 1.5 to 3+ and it won..

Peter has mentioned that there is value there but I doubt anyone will give away their secrets :D
Everyone loves a secret :)
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Thank you very much, for our work. Hope that this spreadsheet would bring much needed light into some of my questions. Thank you again.
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i cant download this sheet, is it no longer available?
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yep same problem for me , cant download ...
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Is there a new link already? I tried it earlier but it's not working. Thank you in advance.
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