Data-capture spreadsheet

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I am able to download this spreadsheet but it wont open? any help would be much appreciated.
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I have a problem with the spread sheet. It is running on a 64bit machine, so I had to include the Ptrsafe keyword into the code, which I did. But now, upon trying to save the workbook after it has been collecting data I get the following error message 'We found a problem with one or more formula references in this worksheet' and it non of the names of the runners have been recorded. Has anyone else experienced this , or can anyone supply an answer as to how to resolve this error. The only change that I have made, other than the Ptrsafe, is to alter the start timings on the worksheets as per the video. Hope someone can help. Many thanks.

I have exactly the same issue as the gent above but noticed he didn't get a reply is this as the problem isn't easily fixed . Obviously this spread sheet is two years old now is this still our best options for tracking our results or is there something else everyone is using now.
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Awesome work mate.Thank you :D
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@RalphyBoy I have the same problem.

I have noticed after launching a recorded data sheet to change to different markets it asks to enable editing. After that I can never open it again or when I can open it on the chartview sheet there is no data available all with ###### on the trading ladder.

Is there no solution to this ? OP help please
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What can I say that hasn't been said before!

As someone who is just starting out using Spreadsheets, I found this invaluable. The instructional video is superb.

Many thanks for sharing. :-)
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This looks like a great spreadsheet. Its just what I need, but I am getting a compile error when I open it with Excel 2010 on a 64 bit laptop. Any Ideas of how to fix this. Note I have no experience with macros.
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After some research, I downloaded this and have to say, a brilliant resource - along with the excellent video.

I'm not sure whether he will see this, but thank you, Switesh.

One issue I'm having, is that I tried to capture the in running prices on the first few races today but nothing happened.

I had it connected to Guardian and on the main tab, ticked the IR part - didn't tick Pre-Off and Start Price though.

If anyone can assist or give other advice on how to grab the IR prices that would be great.

Thank you,

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I've just seen this and my goodness this is awesome work, and so generous of Switesh to share!

Thank you so much Switesh, are you still about and trading?

I'll give this a go but even before trying I have to take my hat of to the guru who posted this in such a humble way.

Thanks Switesh

p.s Iambic, did you have any joy with the In Play market?
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switesh was last active one here in 2014 from what i can see.
A great piece of work fair play to him!
As he cant be contacted im wondering if anyone else had issues updating the Dashboard as mine is not showing any info, everything else works great?
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Disregard my last post found the problem,
for anyone having an issue refreshing Dashboard just use the Refresh All button in Excel and it will work.
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