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Servants, just tap your bell to call them.
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Hi all, just like to try next, is this simple idea easier using servant or automation? Rules are betting 1st fav IF odds are 2 to 3.5 and 2nd fav differs 3, example fav is 2.5, second fav is 5.5 then its abet. 20 secs before . And this is for horses.

Sounds simple but im simple and its been a while when i last used B.angel.

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The rule and conditions would be the same set up for both ways (and quite easy to do)

The difference is full automation is for running it on every market with no further input from you other than applying the rules to the markets each day

where as a servant is designed to run a set of rules you have open on a trading screen and/or when you want to pick a runner at the time for it to trigger on rather than it always triggering on the same predefined selection ie, the horse in row 3 or the fav 5mins before the start etc
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