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The creation of an Automation Servant rule is a fairly simple process if you approach it with some basic planning and logic.

I find one of the best ways to get started is to create a list using bullet points to break everything down you want it to undertake, remember it’s your servant and it won’t think or act for its self, it will only follow your orders so you must give clear and precise instructions of what you want it to do and when.

Here is my scenario, I’ll be trading on the ladder screen but if I see a runner reach the top of its trading range I want to start a Servant to watch that runner and be ready to place a back bet and if matched offset with greening at 1 and 2 ticks but only when the WOM and Book percentages are favourable to me, I also want to be able to repeat this as many times as I want.

Therefore, my list of bullet point requirements for this Servant would look something like the following, once started I will begin crossing out each part when it’s done.

Capture 1.JPG

Let’s get started - begin by selecting a market as normal. Then open the ‘Servant Manager’ by clicking the ‘Bellboy’ icon. In the next screenshot you can see I have clicked the ‘rules’ link and highlighted the “Create a new rules file”

Image 1.JPG

After I clicked ‘Create a new rule’ the following window will appear, this is called the ‘Rules Editor’.

Image 2.JPG

This is where we can begin to create our new Servant, by working through the bullet points adding the rules we want it to follow.

The first thing is to give this individual rule a name of your choice, let’s call it “Back1” (this is just so you can easily identify different rules when you may have added more than one to do similar tasks - as you will see when we progress).

Next, we select the rule type we want from the drop list of options, here we simply want “Place a back bet”

For details on the all the rule types available see this page from the user guide. ... 3D&mw=MzIw

The next step is to give the rule a time when it will be active and able to trigger, because I don’t know what times ill need to start my Servant I will select ‘Always Armed’ (so from the moment it’s started the rule is armed and able to trigger no matter if that’s several hours or just a matter of seconds before the race starts or even if it’s gone in-play).

For more details on rule times see this page of the user guide ... 3D&mw=MzIw

Next, we must choose how many times we want the Servant rule to trigger, we only want it to be able to trigger once after each time it’s been started so we will use “Allow rule to trigger 1 time”.

The final step of this part is to tell it which Selection to trigger on. We don’t want the Servant to always trigger on the favourite or the runner in row 4 etc, instead we’ll only know at the time the servant is started which selection we want it to trigger on so here we will choose ‘Servant Context Selection’ which simple means whatever selection your mouse cursor is hovering over when started is the selection the servant will run on

For more details on Applying a rule to a selection see this page of the user guide ... Aw&mw=MzIw

You should now have what you see in the screenshot below

Image 3.JPG

If we refer back to the bullet point list the first part can now be crossed off


Next, we move to the Parameters where we give the Servant instructions about the stake and where to place the bet etc. The first is where to ‘Place at’,

There are numerous options available from the drop-down list as shown in the next screenshot. Our requirement is to offer and not take a price so to ensure the bet is offered to the market at the current best reverse price we will choose ‘Place at Custom ticks above current best reverse price’ and enter 0 ticks.

For more details on choosing where to ‘Place at’ see this page of the user guide ... Aw&mw=MzIw

Image 4.JPG

Because we want to set the stake at the time of starting the Servant (so we can use different amounts depending on the runner, money traded at the time etc) and also to be able to offset different percentages at different ticks we need to use ‘Percentage of Context Stake’ and enter the 50% as per our requirement (we’ll come back to the other 50% part shortly).

The last part for us to add here are the ‘Global Settings’ if you have already used ‘Global Settings’ from the top of the main trading screen then this will be quite familiar, if not you can learn more about them from this page of the user guide. ... 3D&mw=MzIw

Briefly though ‘Global Settings’ allow you to add the likes of offsetting, stop losses, fill or kills etc to you rule. So, for this part we need to choose ‘Offset bet with Greening’ and enter 1 as the number of ticks to offset by. The next step is to enable fill or kill and the number of seconds. we want the back bet in the market for before being killed (cancelled) if not matched. In our requirement this was 60 seconds and for the batches we need to enter 1.

You should now have what you see in the screenshot below

Image 5.JPG

If we refer back to the bullet points the all of the following can now be crossed off


Next we can add our conditions, conditions are like filters for a rule, there are dozens of conditions to choose from and you can use as many or as few as you want. For this rule the two conditions we need are the WOM and book% conditions.

For full details on what all the conditions do see this section of the user guide ... 3D&mw=MzIw

First, we’ll add the WOM (weight of money) condition. When using the WOM condition it always looks to the lay side of the book, so if you wanted the WOM on the back side to be greater than 65% you would enter < 35% (by saying the lay side has to be less than 35% that means the back side will be greater than 65%).

Next, we can add the book% condition and enter our requirement Back book % is < than 101%
The Servant can now ONLY trigger while both these conditions are met. and that’s the first rule complete, looking at the bullet point list all that’s left now is to add another back bet that offsets the remaining 50% at 2 ticks.
You should now have what you see in the screenshot below

Image 6.JPG

If we refer back to the bullet points again you’ll notice the Servant is about finished and all it now needs is the other offset at 2 ticks adding


This can now be done very quickly and easily with no need to follow all the steps from above again.
Start by clicking the icon with two green arrows, this will duplicate the whole rule and everything we done above.

Image 7.JPG

First thing to do is change the rule name of the newly duplicated rule so it’s easy to reference at a later time, so we’ll call this rule ‘back’2
Now we can go through this new rule and make any minor changes that are required. For this Servant that just means changing the number of offset ticks used from 1 to 2 so we can go straight to the parameters tab and make this quick change.

Image 8.JPG

The servant is now finished, all that’s left to do is save it by clicking the disk+ icon and to give the Servant a name. After that it’s ready to be Started whenever you need it.

Image 9.JPG

To see some actual examples on ways of ‘Starting’ a servant see this thread
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