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Servants, just tap your bell to call them.
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Once you are a little more familiar with importing or creating your own servants you will then want to and explore further ways of how they can be best used to help you and your trading.

If your one of the many users that like to trade from the one-click screen, then you have the option of creating your own custom buttons to start and/or stop a Servant.

This means you can create or download a readymade servant that follows any number of rules, parameters and conditions etc, assign it to a custom column so you can start it with a single click of your mouse – making it no different to placing any regular bet, except Servants can deploy full strategy’s, are able to react much faster than humans and can spot opportunities you may otherwise miss.

The first thing you need to do is open a market on your one-click screen then from your settings chose ‘Edit Custom Columns’ as shown in image below

Image 1.JPG

The next window you will see is called the ‘Custom Column Editor’, here you can customize up to 20 of your own pre-set buttons. From the ‘Column to Edit’ drop list you can select which of these you wish to edit, in the image below I have chosen ‘Custom Column 1’. The next parts are as follows

Title - (the name that will appear in the column header box, I have called this one ‘My Servant’)
Tool Tip – (Optional & will show a pop up box with the text you enter here when a mouse cursor is hovered over the column header box to remind you what it does, for this I have entered ‘Make Market Scalping’)
Action – (What you want the button to do when pressed, for this it is of course ‘Start a Servant’)
Button Colour – (Gives your button a background colour)
Display Odds / Label – (Rather than have odds and unmatched money showing in each box this lets you enter a text of your choice, here I have used the word ‘Scalper’
Rules File – (Finally select the Servant you wish to assign to your custom column, here I have chosen the Servant named ‘ASC Make Market Scalper’)

It should now look something like this

Image 2.JPG

Next step is to click ‘Save Column’ at the bottom then close the ‘Column Editor Window’. After that you need to show your newly created column on the grid, to do this click the icon that looks like a calendar

Image 3.JPG

And search through till you find the one named ‘My Servant Rule’ or whatever you called it and tick the adjacent box to enable it.

Image 4.JPG

You should now have your custom column added to your one click grid as shown below, if you wish to reposition it just put your cursor over the header box and with your left mouse button pressed drag to you desired location and let go.

Now that’s all done simply clicking on the button labelled ‘Scalper’ and it will start this Servant on that selection. Remember you can customize up to 20 columns and display as many of them as you can fit on your screen.

Image 6.JPG

For more ways of starting Automation Servants see this thread,

Or for an example of using this set up see next post below
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The Automation Servant I have chosen for this example is called ‘ASC Make Market Scalper’ and can be downloaded from this thread

The thread also contains full details of how it works and what it does but as a brief recap when this Servant is started on a selection it will place a back and lay bet either side of the price but only when the following are all true (which you can of course edit to your own requirements)
WOM must be between 40%-60% on both sides of the book.
Back book% <101.5%
Lay book% >98.5%

So, my job is just to look for a solid market and selection with very little movement in one direction or the other, the micro charts next to each selection are very handy for this. Then as soon as I’m happy I have spotted a stable one I can start the servant by clicking the ‘Scalper’ button for that selection, the servant will then take over and perform the tedious task of watching for all the above conditions to be met before triggering the bets while i just focus on watching for any signs of movement by this or another runner.

You will see in the image below that I have now started the Servant on the 3rd runner because the market and its graphs appear steady at this moment. To show when a Servant has been started on a selection a status light will appear next to that selections name. The Bellboy icon will also change colour to indicate the market has had at least one Servant started – and of course you will also hear the bell ring giving audio notification that a Servant has been started.

Image 1.jpg

However, you ‘ll also notice it hasn’t triggered any bets yet, this is because 1 or more of the conditions have not yet been met if you look at the conditions required above then pay close attention to whats in that image you will see the Lay book is at 98.4% but our condition stipulates it must be >98.5%. Once that happens providing the others are still satisfied the back and lay bet will trigger.

I can now just sit back while the Servant gets on with its tedious task of monitoring for those conditions to align, as soon as they are it will trigger the bets. This will be far faster than any human could of reacted so the servant could have both bets in and matched before a human sat staring at there screen waiting for the same conditions could even have placed there bets.

Fast forward a minute or so and you can see I have started the Servant on 2 more selections by clicking their ‘Scalper’ buttons and a few bets have now been triggered and matched, so far a nice £3.04 profit has been built up without me placing any bets – all I’ve done is looked for a steady runner and started a servant and its done the rest.

Image 2.JPG

Should I see any of the micro charts begin to head off in one direction or I sense something may start to move I can just stop the servant and wait till things settle down then restart it again if it looks steady enough.
There are several ways of stopping a Servant on a selection or all servants that are running on the market including adding another custom column to do it. But here when I want to stop them I will just right click on the status light which will give show me a pop up window with 3 Stop options.

Image 3.JPG

Once stopped on a selection the status light will turn red as a visual notification, once all servants on the market are stopped the ‘Bellboy’ will also turn red to indicate there are no active Servants anywhere on this market.

I can carry on doing just this, starting a servant on a steady selection, leaving it to place the actual bets then stopping it if it looks like it’s getting a bit more volatile right up until the race starts then move on to the next.

To see a video tutorial of this please use the following link
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