Using 'Context' to Create Fully Flexible Servants

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One of the most powerful features of servants is there flexibility, you might have seen or heard of the following terms; Context Selection, Context Price & Context Stake within the rules editor when creating a servant - But what does ‘Context’ mean?

Put simply ‘Context’ means the selection, price or stake under your mouse cursor on the ladder or one-click screen at the time you start a servant is used.

So rather than having to specify the selection, price or stake for the Servant at the time of creating it instead by using ‘Context’ as any of these options you get to defer specifying those parts until each time you start a servant, this allows you to quickly start the same Servant on as many selections as you want using different stakes and entry prices - without having to go in edit any of these characteristics within its rules in-between.

A simple example of this would be if you were creating a scalping Servant your unlikely to want it to use the same sized stakes if you start it on a short-priced Favourite as you are if you we’re starting it on one of the outsiders.

In the two images below a rule is being created to place a back bet rule of this Servant has been ‘Applied to’ Servant Context Selection and both the ‘Place at’ and ‘Stake’ have both used ‘Servant Context’.

Image 1.JPG
Image 2.JPG

Now when starting the servant the position of your cursor will determine these, in the image below you will see there are different stake values chosen for each selection from the pre-set stakes above the ladder.

The cursor is currently hovering over the back price of 2.24 on the favourite ‘Burcan’, if the servant was to be started now it would place a back bet for £256 at odds of 2.24 on the favourite.

Image 4.JPG

In the next image below the cursor is now hovering over the selection named ‘Fayez’, by starting the servant now it would place a back bet for £200 at odds of 5.8 on the 2nd favourite.

Image 5.JPG

In the following image on the one click screen if started the servant would place a back bet on ‘Gerry the Glover’ for £50 at odds of 11.5.

Image 6.JPG

Of course, you don’t have to use all three Context options, you might find your strategy is better suited to use just ‘Context Selection’ & ‘Context Stake’ but want the bet to always be placed at ‘best market price’ as shown below.

Image 7.JPG

Now it does not matter where your cursor is positioned in relation to price it will only use the ‘Context Selection’ and ‘Context Stake’ value, so using the first image again if the servant was now started it would place a back bet for £256 at odds of 2.18 on the favourite.

Image 8.JPG
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