Storing a Value (Price) with a Servant to use with Guardian Automation Later

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In this example, I’m going to show how you can store a value of something using a servant then have a Guardian automation file use that value as a condition before triggering a rule.

To demonstrate this, I’m going to use a Servant to store a price which I want to be alerted to if/when its reached, by having guardian trigger the alert it means once I have stored a price with my servant I can move onto another market and guardian will continue to look for that price being reached in the background and alert me if it happens.

For example, you can see the following selection is at the bottom of its traded range I am interested in this runner if it breaks out the top and trades at 2.50 or higher - but I don't intend sitting watching for it all day!


First thing I need to do is create a sevant that will store the value for me, so ill start by opening the ‘Servant Manager’ (the bell boy icon) and will click;

Rules > Create New Rules File
On the General tab, I will enter the following information

Servant General.JPG

For what I'm looking for I don’t need to use the Parameters, Conditions or Signals so can go straight to the ‘Stored Value’ tab where I can enter the information shown below
What this is basically allowing me to do is to point my cursor over ANY price of ANY selection, and that price will be stored for later use, I have chosen to call the stored value ‘myprice’ (notice how the ‘Shared’ box is ticked, this is what enables this stored value to be used by other servants or in this example an automation file at a later time).

Servant SV.JPG

That’s the servant side done, the file can now be saved and assigned to a shortcut key using the keyboard shortcut or assigned to one of the 3 pre-sets shortcuts in the servant manager.

Now we move onto the automation file which will be applied to markets in guardian and will alert you when your stored price above is reached
This time open guardian and with a market selected click ‘Create a Rules File’, We need to create a rule for each individual row you might be wanting to store a value on with your servant, so if your only ever going to be interested in the first 6 selections on a market you only need create rules for the first 6 rows.

Your first rule would look like the image below, notice how its applied to Betfair Row 1 and I have also tagged ‘R1’ onto the name I’ve given it so it's easily identified in the main rules editor what the rule is going to be doing and on what selection.

Automation General.JPG

Next, we move onto the Parameters tab to set the type of alert we want, this could be sound or a pop-up message or both, I am just choosing to display a pop-up message.

Automation Parameters.JPG

Next, we move onto the Conditions tab where we can select the ‘Stored Value’ condition, this will tell the rule to trigger the alert ONLY when the condition is met, and the condition we are looking for is the one that was set by the servant.

The condition should look as it does in the image below, it’s basically saying if the back price of the selection in Betfair Row 1 is greater than a stored value named ‘myprice’ then the alert can trigger.

Automation Conditions.JPG

The rules file can now be saved, we now just need to repeat that for the remaining rows, to do this quickly with the rule highlighted click the icon with two green arrows at the top of the rules editor that will duplicate the entire rule, now on the general tab just change it to ‘Applies to Betfair Row Index 2’ and edit the rule name so it has ‘R2’ on the end. Then keep repeating that process until you have created rules for all the rows needed, when finished it will look like the following image, you can see I have created 6 rules to look at each of the first 6 Betfair rows.


Once you have created as many rules as you need you can save the automation file and everything is now ready to be used.

Using the file

Add all the markets you may be interested in to guardian and apply the automation file to them all, next you can open a market on your main trading screen and as soon as you see a price you want to be alerted to at a later time point your cursor at it and start the savant we created at the top of this post. You can do this on all markets straight away or throughout the day if a price is of interest start the servant while having your cursor over the selection and guardian will then alert you when that price is reached – even if its several hours later and your on a totally different market.
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Rather than apply just this automation file to all your markets in guardian you could add the rule to an existing automation file you're already using, then you can still have your original automation file running as normal but should you want to be alerted to a price being reached you have the option to do so.

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