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David75 wrote:
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Get off your moral high horses the bunch of you ....Teach yourselves manners first then preach me .
for someone who says English isnt his 1st laguage he sure knows some sayings with most spelled correctly , i`d imagine it is and he`s been ousted for being arrogant and now doesn`t know how to deal with it so starts throwing insults about , come on son move on and grow up
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Yeah I do speak a few languages...
You bunch were the arrogant ones ..
Now move along yourself and show your power to some other newbie.
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:lol: :lol: :lol:
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I have to do it...

Maybe he is having an issue becuase the pollen count is high in Barcelona this year.

Hay Fever Espana !
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At least direct people to the best rendering ever and the star of that performance was not Mr Jagger!! :D
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Lay the First to trade @ 2.5.baf
Hey Everyone....
Hope you’re well!
Could anyone or Dallas please please help me?

I have a servant which I use on a selection of (Horse racing) markets that I Choose, and manually execute. It’s a Lay in play servant, called “Lay the first to trade @2.5” which I have adapted from one of the templates!
So it pretty much does what it says on the tin…when I set it on my desired market it will
-lay the first horse that trades less than 2.52, and places a “£2 LAY bet at 2.0”
- if that horse loses, I win £2, and then set it on my next market again!
-if that horse goes on to win, I loose £2, so I then basically use the martingale strategy and place £4, then if I lost, place £8, if lost again place £16, £32, £64, £128, £256
- I then start again with my £2 bet once I have won again
- I wont place any more as that would be my personal limit: so in essence I would be happy to loose this strategy 7 times, I know you may have your reservations with this technique, but I’m doing well with this!

I want to automate this for the days trading, once I have selected all my Markets for the day, it will keep going without me having to change the betting stake based on the result of the previous races result.
So of course the bet wont always be taken, so the automation needs to have a rule which will say that it will keep trading that amount until its won, if you know what I mean.
I understand that it probably needs some sort of store values rules and/or signals combo, but im struggling to get my head around that part.......

I have attached the Servant for you to look at if needed....
Please Please could you help me point me in the right direction?
Thank you so much in advanced..any help or direction will be greatly appreciated!
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