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Hi guys,

What is the best way (other than manually of course) to back mutiple selections pre-race.
I can automate but sometimes have more than 2 selections and not sure if you can have more than 2 "nominated" columns 1&2.

Would a servant be useful for this (between a price range rather than by name) or would excel be possible.

thanks for your help
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If you are looking for odds ranges I find using SV`s works reasonably well. The attached has both a Pre element that looks at Projected SP and an IP bit that looks at Actual SP and both look at Odds Ranges.

The values are derived from stats driven by SP that as a group historically would give you the maximun No of days where you would have ended up with a positive £ return on the day. It`s not a recent rule but still works.

You will be able to see the SV and bet placement bit which might suit your needs.

001 Max Win Days Pre.baf
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