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These servants are designed to be used on any market which Betfair supports SP for and will allow you to manually place SP back bets and SP lay bets with price limits exactly the same as you can do on the Betfair website (only slightly faster and easier)

There are two Servants for download at the bottom of the post, one for placing SP Back bets the other for placing SP lay bets,

Both Servants are designed to use 'Servant Context' for the selection, stake and price limit - this means you have full control over these three pieces of information each time you use the servant depending on the position of your mouse cursor at the time you start it

The easiest way to therefore use these Servants is to assign each one to a shortcut key, then to use the servant and place an SP bet you simply just point your cursor at the price of any selection and press your shortcut key and the servant will be started and place the SP bet for you (ie, you could assign the SP back bet servant to your 'B' key and SP lay bet servant to your 'L' key)

For example, in the image below you can see my cursor is currently pointing over the price of 5.6 for the runner named 'Dhariye' and the pre-set stake currently selected is £50
If I were to start the place back SP servant now using my shortcut key it would place an SP back bet for £50 on this selection with a price limit of 5.6 (ie, its SP must be 5.6 or greater for the bet to be matched at SP)

Back BSP2.png

In the next image my cursor is mow pointing over the price of 6.0 for the runner named 'The Toff' and the pre-set stake selected is £25
If I were to start the place lay SP servant now using my shortcut key now it would place an SP lay bet for £25 liability* on this selection with a limit of 6.0 (ie, its SP must be 6.0 or less for the bet to be matched at SP)

Lay BSP2.png
*When placing SP lay bets Betfair will always use the stake amount selected as your liability, so you can never risk more than your chosen stake

Once the Servant has been started and the SP bet placed you will see a red servant status light appear next to the selections name, you can also check your 'Matched Bets' tab and you'll see the bet/s you've placed with the status 'Awaiting SP'

Using the Servants
To use these servants just click on the 'ASC Place Back SP Bet' and 'ASC Place Lay SP Bet' .Baf attachment links below and this will download them to your computer, then open your Servant Manager window and click the rules link at the top and then "Import a Rules File" as shown in the image, once imported it will now appear in your dropdown boxes and is ready to be started whenever required.
Servant Import.JPG
ASC Place Back SP Bet.baf
ASC Place Lay SP Bet.baf
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