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These servants are mainly for use on pre-off racing markets but could be used on most other pre-off markets.

The purpose of the servants is to scalp for 1 tick profits if the pressure of money has built on one side of the book.

The servant uses Context selection and stake. This means it triggers on whichever selection you have your mouse cursor pointing at when you start it, it will also use the stake you currently have chosen for that selection.

There are two servants to download from the bottom of this post, one will place a back bet the other a lay bet.

When started the servant will monitor the selection for a build-up of pressure on one side of the book, if this happens it will place a bet at the best price using the stake amount you have set for that selection, when matched it will offset with greening by 1 tick, or if the price moves against you by 3 ticks it will trigger a stop loss.

So if using the back bet servant you may want to be starting it around the time the price is trading at or near the top of its range and resistance price, or if using the lay servant when it’s around the bottom of its range and support price and/or a cross-over.

Using the servant in this way to trigger the stop and cause a loss the price would need to both break into new ground and through all the waiting money putting pressure on it in the opposite direction.

So, what is defined as pressure?

This is when the money waiting at each of the best 3 prices on one side is significantly more than the money waiting on the other side of the book at the respective best 3 prices (so it’s far more sophisticated than just using WOM).

For the purposes of this example the money waiting at the two best prices are compared and one side must be 100% greater (or double the other side), the money then waiting at the two second-best prices are compared to each other and one side must have 50% more money waiting, its then the same for the 3rd best prices.

Basically, only when the money waiting on one side is greater than the other plus 100% at the best price, 50% at 2nd best price and 50% at 3rd best price will the servant place the bet.

So, using the back bet servant for this explanation the following image should explain further


So if there was more than £956 waiting at 4.9 and the servant was able to trigger a back bet at 4.6 then you can see there would be a wall of money for it to get through at the same time needing to break out of its current before you’d be stopped out for a loss.

Of course, the advantage of using servants to semi-automate your trading is if you have seen the price begin to shorten and trade back in the middle of its range you can simply stop the servant and re-start when the price nears the top or bottom again.

How they Work

Each servant's first rule is to stop all other servants so it doesn’t conflict with any other, or perhaps you were using the lay servant and now want to use the back servant, when starting the back servant the first rule will stop the existing lay servant and vice versa.

The back or lay bet for each servant then has 3 Stored value conditions, the first compares the best prices on either side, the second compares the 2nd best prices on either side and of course the third condition tests the 3rd best prices on either side.

The fourth condition ensures there are no unmatched bets bet’s on the selection, so if an earlier servant still has an unmatched offset waiting this new one won’t trigger another opening bet until that’s been greened up or stopped out.

The fifth and final condition tests the market is not yet in-play, so is a safety condition in case you forget to stop them before a market goes in-play, with this condition they still won’t be able to trigger.

Downloading & Using the Servants

To use these servants just click on the ASC Pressure Scalping Back and ASC Pressure Scalping Lay.Baf attachment links below and this will download them to your computer, then open your Servant Manager window and click the rules link at the top and then "Import a Rules File" as shown in the image, once imported it will now appear in your dropdown boxes and is ready to be started whenever required.

Once you have it imported into your Servant Manager it can be edited very easily simply by clicking on "Edit Rules File".

With any servant always run in practice mode first to ensure everything is working fine, and repeat this each time you make any changes.

See the following thread for step by step instructions on downloading and importing a servant into your Bet Angel, or see image below on where to import it in your Servant Manager.
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Thanks Dallas :D
A great help again
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Nice one Dallas! Going to give this a go in Practice mode as it is exactly what I was looking for from a doing it manually point of view. :D
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For anyone wondering about this servant I've just tested it in the last three races this evening and some very good results, that's without tweaking it for my own trading style!!! Good work Dallas, take the evening off! :lol:
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