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Hey Nigel thanks for your reply.

I would consider myself an Excel novice as I only use it minimalistically. I don't trade any place markets so I do not think this is the issue. In regards to posting images on the forum. I use photobucket.com and host them there. I then include the image code to display them in the post.

If anyone has any ideas for my excel issue I'm all ears! :)
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Thanks Nigel :D The spreadsheet is great.

Already I can see that Wolves is good to me :) but I think I need to pay attention when trading Kempton :(
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Another big thank you to Nigel. He has solved me problem, use the correct spreadsheet!

I was using the Betting History spreadsheet rather then the P&L one :oops:

It is now working a treat and has confirmed a few of my ominous suspicions!

Thanks again for creating and sharing this spreadsheet Nigel :D
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I've added a "date" option, "sort by AV", and an error message.

The programme will by default, search for a spreadsheet named BettingPandL, and if it can't find it will carry on, but you'll get lots of #value errors on the screen.

(Thanks here to Tub and Afro for pointing out that Betfair had different spreadsheets to download, a fact I was totally unaware of).

To circumvent this, I've added an error message that lets you know if the sheet cannot be found. If you find this annoying (i.e. you rename your sheet or change the pathways ), just go into the VBA screen and delete the line: "On error goto Errtrap"

I've re-jigged the screen a bit, the details now appear on the left. It made a bit more sense to scroll to the right and line up the section you want directly against the details.

Finally, many thanks for all the kind comments.
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Ruddy awesome work Nigel, this is very helpful and thanks for making this available.

Might I request some extras? Please only if you have the time or inclination.

It doesn't find the track names or race types for greyhounds, which I'd love to have, since I do a lot of those races.

I'd also like to see some additional general stats. Such as average Win, and average Loss. I want to be able to see how the variance in my results is being affected.

Great work though, the thought crossed my mind that a spreadsheet that looked at individual matched bets would be good too. Might delve into that myself.

Thanks again.
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Hi Nigel

Looking very good, learning quite a bit about programming Excel from looking at the code. One thing I was wondering about creating is a spreadsheet similar to the sheet Peter demonstrates on his course which includes a column showing win/lose percentages over a period (possibly configurable or just daily) and average gain/loss ( again configurable period or just daily). This sort of stuff would be useful to chart to see if your going in the right direction in terms of expectancy and daily gains. If you find the time .... it would be great.

Thanks again,

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I am stuck. Ive downloaded it change the path, tried putting the file in c: & desktop change paths etc and it keeps tell me that it can't find a spreadsheet called "BettingPandL"


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Brilliant thanks for sort that out Nigel.

Yeah this is great

Strike rate
70% Horses
74% Greyhounds

The good think is for me it shows me where my stuid mistake of letting it go inrunning are and it makes it ever more real.


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Nigel, thanks for the spreadsheet. Does it work with OpenOffice? I get various error messages when I tick the header boxes and the whole alt/f1 update thing doesn't work. SOrry but I'm a complete noob at this. Cheers again
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I think OpenOffice falls over if the Excel sheet has macros. They are just not as compatible as they would like you to believe.
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