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In Bet Angel V1.56 a new innovative option called ‘Custom Rankings’ was added, as the name suggests this allows you the freedom to order selections using your own customized ranking.

This can then be used throughout Bet Angel, for example you could trigger other rules on selections in a market using these rankings, or you sort the order on your one-click by them or even display the numerical rankings in a custom column as shown in the image below - And its how to display the numerical values for your custom ranking I’ll show first in this series of examples.


Getting Started

No matter how you intend to use your custom rankings the first steps of the process is always the same – we need to begin with a rule to ‘Update the Rankings of Selections’.

When creating your own custom ranking you have the following list of options of how you want to rank your selections.

Custom Ranking Parameters.JPG

At first glance this may not appear that ground breaking by Bet Angels standards but most of these are just the commonly used ranking methods you might want to quickly use, the real power and flexibility of this feature comes when ranking selections by a ‘Stored Value’.

Ranking by Stored Value means you can make use any of the extensive list of stored value options and then rank your selections in that order, see the image below for a full list of all the information you can Store as a Value – then use to rank your selections.


And it doesn’t stop there, as you can also see you can use values stored in History Lists, which means you could if you wished rank your selections based on historical information, so you might want columns that show the selections order by lowest traded price an hour ago, 60secs ago, 30 secs ago, 5secs ago.

In short you can create custom columns and display the rank of selections and if required sort there order using and of the information shown in the images above from the present time to any historical intervals you want.

Back to this first example I’ll start by showing the steps to create a custom ranking that ranks the selections by traded volume and then display those values on your one-click screen. As you can see in the image below you'll have a clear visual guide of the selections/runners that have a different traded volume ranking to there default back price ranking (order of favouritism)

Custom Ranking.JPG

I’ll then follow this example up with a further one using Stored Values and values in History Lists to give a better idea of how powerful and useful custom ranking can be.

Creating a Custom Ranking
As I mentioned earlier the first step no matter how you are going to use your custom ranking is to create a rules file that when triggers will update the Ranking order of Selections using whatever you specify and put them into one of five Custom Ranking lists available, this rules file can be applied to markets in Guardian or even run as Servant or safety servant, for more details about using the rules file as a safety servant please see this post.

Getting back to creating the actual rules file the first rule you need is a ‘Update Custom Rankings of Selections’, I’ve set this rule to always be armed with an unlimited amount of triggers and trigger every refresh – because its continually triggering every refresh it means it will always have the most up to date ranking information.

Of course you can set this is however you need it, for example if you wanted the custom ranking at post time for a horse race you would set the rule to trigger just once and arm it a 00:00:00 after going in-play.

Next we can now move onto the Parameters tab and select the ‘Custom Ranking’ list we’re going to use and want to rank selections and in which order – here we are ranking selecting by traded volume in descending order (highest first) to the ‘Custom Ranking 1’ list.

Custom Ranking Parameters Update Ranking.JPG

That’s the update sorting rule done, next we need to add some rules to assign a numerical value to each selection based on their current order.
For this part we need to add a ‘Set/Modify Stored Value’ rule to the automation file.
I’ve set this rule to always be armed with an unlimited amount of triggers and trigger every refresh so it will also always have the most up to date information.

The rule has also been applied to rank 1 in custom Ranking 1 (ie, as the previous rule triggers and updates the custom ranking 1 list, this rule will trigger on whichever selection is currently ranked 1 for example, the selection with the greatest traded volume)

Store Rank General.JPG

Next we need to use the Stored Value tab, here I’ve created a Stored Value (shared) to store a value which I’ve named ‘order’ with an entered amount of 1

Store Rank SV.JPG
By using a ‘shared’ stored value it means this value can be used and displayed in other area’s throughout Bet Angel.

We now need to repeat that step and create a rule for each selection, the quickest way is to select the rule you’ve just made then click the ‘Duplicate’ icon to create a perfect copy of that rule,

Then just make the minor edits to the rule name, the selection its applied to and on the Stored Value tab change the amount entered to 2

Store Rank General 2.JPG
Store Rank SV 2.JPG

Once you’ve created a rule for each selection you can save the rules file and give it a name of your choice, I’ve called this one ‘Custom Ranking Values’


That's the rules file finished, that can now be applied to all your markets in Guardian or run as a Safety Servant as described in the post linked to further up this page so it begins triggering and ranking the orders as soon as you open a market on your trading screen.

Creating the Custom Column
We now need to create a custom column to display the ‘Entered Amounts’ from the Stored Values rules we’ve just created. If you’ve never created a Custom Column before this post will explain the process in more detail.

To display rankings all you need to do here is either select an existing Custom Column profile to edit or click the ‘New’ button to create a new profile to begin editing.

The next thing to choose is a name for the custom (this will appear in your column header on your one click screen), for this I’ve chosen to call the column ‘Volume Rank’.

For the ‘Action’ select ‘Display a Shared Stored Value’ and then enter the name ‘order’ (or whatever name you gave the Stored Value when creating the rules for the selections)


Once you’ve done that you can save the profile and return to your one click screen, to display the custom column you need to select the custom column profile you’ve just created, then click the icon that looks like a calendar and tick the box next to custom column you’ve just created

Custom Ranking2.jpg

Once your custom column is displayed you can re-save that one-click screen layout by clicking the ‘disc’ icon to the right of the calendar icon.
You are now ready go - remember just add your days markets to Guardian and apply the rules file or run it as a safety servant and when you open a market on your one-click screen you’ll see the rankings by volume

Adding Further Columns

If you wish to add some more column to display the rankings by a different value you can do that by adding additional rules to your existing rules file.
So you’ll need to start by adding another ‘Update Custom Ranking of Selections’ rule and on the Parameters tab assign the ranking to ‘Custom Rankings 2’ - you can then choose how you want to rank the selections in this column.

Next you’ll need to add additional ‘Set/Modify Stored Value’ rules for each of the selections. For the first one you’ll need to apply it to ‘Rank 1 in Custom Rankings 2’ then on the Stored Values tab select the information you want to rank them by.
Then repeat the custom column creating process to add the column to your one-click screen, you can see in the image below I’ve created another ranking column, this one displays the ranking by Starting Price

Sorting the Order

Remember although the numerical values will show the ranking by volume (or whatever you’ve chosen to rank them by) you can click on any of the column headers and Bet Angel will also sort the order the selections in real time.

As I touched on near the start I'll follow up this example shortly and show how you can use the Stored Values and History Lists to unleash even more custom rankings and either display them or trigger other rules using those rankings.
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