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The ability to quickly navigate to the next/previous market or even event is something we all want to do but many are unaware of the options available within Bet Angel to enable you to so this at the push of a key.

Here I’ll show you the different options available and how to set up your own keyboard shortcuts so you can jump straight to your next/previous market or event with no effort what so ever without even needing to open a market selection window, Guardian or a watch list.

Before going any further if you are not familiar with the keyboard short cut editor in Bet Angel this post explains it in further detail, ie, how to locate it and set up some short cuts
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Once you are familiar with the keyboard editor the category we can now look at using it to make the tasks of navigating between markets quicker and easier.

All the options we are interested in for this can be found in the ‘Navigation’ category, specifically those highlighted in the image below.

Keyboard Shortcut Editor Mini.JPG

If you are trading just one type of sport and could find them using the ‘Search’ or ‘Quick Picks’ tab or a Market Filter then using the first two options is probably all you’d need.

For example you could assign your ‘N’ key to ‘Select the next market from the market selection window’ and ‘P’ key to ‘Select the previous market from the market selection window’

Next Mkt Sel.JPG

Then let’s assume you are using the ‘Search’ tab to find Cricket match odds markets,

Search Tab.JPG

If you were to begin by selecting the ‘England V New Zealand’ match and open it onto your trading screen, even with the market selection window now closed if you were to press your ‘N’ key it would load the ‘Essex V Warwick’ match, press it again and it would load the ‘Gloucestershire V Somerset’ match, and pressing your ‘P’ key will of course take me back to the previous market.

If you are someone who trades multiple sports and markets you will already likely be searching and adding the markets you are interested in each day (or upcoming days) into Guardian and maybe even a watchlist, for those who might not already be aware there are several ways you can do this with as little as a few clicks or push of a key each day, for more details on finding exactly the type of markets you are after each day please see these two posts.
viewtopic.php?f=61&t=13289 ... -searches/

Once you have your markets in Guardian you can click the column headers to sort them in that order, and by holding down your ‘shift’ key and clicking a column header you can do a secondary sort.

At the top of the ‘Watchlist’ you also have an option to ‘Sort’ markets in a variety of ways at either market or selection level - sorting is of course a matter of personal preference and in most cases.

Obviously the way you choose to sort your markets are a matter of personal preference whether this is by volume, market name, start time or another piece of market information and you would set up your shortcut keys depending on what suits your needs best.
Remember whether you create short cuts keys to navigate markets in your Guardian list or a watch list neither of these need to be visible or even open to use your shortcut keys.

A Typical Days Trading
Here I’ve got a typical days list of markets loaded into Guardian and sorted by the start time


And to help me navigate them the way I want I’ve created six shortcut keys.
You can see from the description of each in the image what the shortcut key will do


Using the Shortcut Keys to Navigate
Now let’s look at how these will work in practice using the list of Guardian markets shown above, the first two shortcut keys (N and P) will allow me to navigate through all the markets in Guardian.

Next Market.JPG

The next two shortcut keys (Shift+N and Shift+P) will allow me to navigate through all the markets within the same event, these are handy if you want to concentrate on a particular event like a football match for a while by quickly being able to switch between different markets for that fixture without accidently opening a market from another.

Previous Market.JPG

The final two short cut keys (E and Shift+E) are to quickly navigate the football markets, when pressed they will take me to the same market type but in the next event, so if I had the ‘Arsenal V Brighton – Over/Under2.5’ market open by pressing this shortcut key it will take me to the ‘Aston Villa V Chelsea – Over/Under 2.5’ market, press it again the ‘Fulham V Newcastle – Over/Under Market 2.5’.

If I were to open the ‘Liverpool V Crystal Palace – Match Odds Market’ then press ‘Shift+P’ it will take me back to the ‘Leeds V West Brom – Match Odds’ market.

Combining the Shortcuts
Now let’s look at using these in a combination during every day trading, pressing ‘N or P’ I can navigate through all of the markets in the Guardian list, I then for whatever reason decide to settle on the ‘Liverpool V Crystal Palace Over/Under 2.5’ market, I now have the option of using my (Shift+N and Shift+P) keys to navigate only the other Liverpool V Fulham markets or can use the (E and Shift+E) keys to move between my other Over/Under 2.5 football markets.

I may then arrive at the ‘Arsenal V Brighton Over/Under 2.5’ market and want to check out the other over/under markets of this fixture, I can do this by using my (Shift+N and Shift+P) keys again.

You can begin to see that no matter what type of markets you trade and how you may want to navigate through them at various times of the day from simply going to the next or previous market to jumping between events and market types you can configure yourself a set of keyboard short cuts to do it for you.

Once you've created your shortcut keys and have your markets in Guardian and/or a watch list you no longer need to have it open on your screen, you don't even need it minimized to your task bar - instead they can remain closed and your shortcut keys will continue to work exactly the same.
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