Displaying Stored Values in Custom Columns on your One-Click Trading Screen

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When customizing your one-click screen and adding custom columns Bet Angel let’s you configure them to do or display just about anything you want.

From placing regular bets, to starting/stopping servants which trigger bets under your pre-set condition, to displaying any type of market (or selection) data you want, and if you are an in-play trader this includes data like live scores and real-time GPS data for horse racing markets from Total Performance data.

At the bottom of this post I’ll include so links to ready-made files containing custom columns you can download and import into your Bet Angel, which give you an idea of the types of things you can do and display on your Bet Angel one-click screen, but it’s also better to still learn how to create your own custom columns as well so that you can fully configure your one-click screen and display it exactly the way you want - the only real limitation then being your imagination!

For this example I’ll be going through the steps to create some custom columns to display shared stored values passed from a rules file, and will be using the shared Stored Values already created for the 'position' and 'distance to finish' from Total Performance Data

In that example we created two shared stored values
The first stored every selections 'Position' with a shared stored value named 'current_position'
The second stored every selections 'Distance to Finish (meters)' with a shared stored value named 'distance_to_go'

If you already have your own rules file/s with stored values and want to know how to display them on your one-click screen you can follow the steps below and just replace the stored value names I use for whatever you’ve named the stored value you want to display.
NB, your stored value must have the 'shared' box ticked in your rule to be able to pass it to your one-click screen and other areas of Bet Angel

Let's get started

On your One-Click screen click the yellow star icon to open the Custom Column editor, and at the top select the custom column profile you want to edit or click the ‘New’ button to create a new one.

Then chose a column to edit, this will probably be ‘Custom Column 1’ unless you have already created some columns in which case select the next free custom column you have available.

Next give the column a title (what the column header will display), and select the action you want the column to do, for this we need to select ‘Display a Shared Stored Value’

Then in the area’s provided below that enter the name of the stored value you want to display, for this first one that would be ‘current_position’


As the stored value in the rules file was for the selection we need to choose ‘selection’ from the menu box after that.

And that’s the first custom column done, if you want to change the column and/or text colours you can use the options below that if not at the bottom of the window click the ‘Save Column’ button.

Then we can select the next available column to edit and repeat the steps above but using a different title and of course the stored value name needs to be different, this time we’ll be entering ‘distance_to_go’ for the Stored value name - and just as before this will be for the ‘Selection'.

Distance to go.JPG
If you are following along with this and setting up your existing/own stored values remember to use whatever name/s you did when creating the rules file in Guardian.

Once you’ve finished adding and saved the last custom column you need as part of this profile this window can be closed and you can return to the one-click screen.

Where you won’t see the columns you’ve just created!

For this there’s one last thing to do and that’s to enable them using the column chooser (the icon that looks like a calendar with a yellow line through it)


Once you’ve ticked the columns you want (and unticked any you don’t) you can return to the one-click screen where you’ll now see your new columns.

All you need to do now is wait for the next race to start which supports TPD and you’ll see the values in the columns


If you click the disc icon that will save this one-click layout, or you can click the disc+ icon and save it as a new one-click layout, which is handy if you want to quickly switch between different layouts for different sports.

Moving and Resizing Columns

You can also change the order your columns appear in by pointing your cursor at the edge of its header and when you see two small arrows press and hold your left mouse button while you drag it to the required location

You can also resize the column buttons and fonts from the ‘Display’ tab in your main settings editor, this page of the user guide details these options further.

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