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You will probably be aware that by default when ever market is launched automatically by Guardian using the ‘Switch to Market automatically’ option it is opened on the one-click screen.

However it is also possible to have a market automatically opened on your main ladder screen, or even in a new one-click or ladder screen, or for those trading multiple markets you can have a market automatically opened on a specfic one-click or ladder screen.

You can even go as far as having more than one market from an event opened at the same time on either the same type of screen or different screen, for example you could open a horse racing win market on your main ladder screen and have the place market for that race open on a one-click screen, then once the market is open have a Servant automatically start on it or a particular selection but that’s getting a little ahead of ourselves

The purpose of this post is just to show how quick and easy it is to configure a market to automatically open your main ladder screen.

Automatically Display a Market on your Ladder Screen

The first thing you need to do is create a rules file, and on the General tab for the rule type select ‘Display a Market on a Trading Screen’, you can give this any name you want, for example you could call it ‘Open my Market’

Below that the time at which you want the market can be configured, for this example I’m just going to set it to open 5mins before the start time
Your ‘General’ tab should now look something like this


Next we move onto the ‘Parameters’ tab where you can choose screen the market is to be opened on. Here we just need to select ‘The Main Ladder Screen


And that’s it, its really as simple as that. All you need to do now is click the disc+ icon to save the rules file and it a name of your choice, (I’ve called mine ‘Launch Market on Ladder Screen), then just apply it to your days markets in Guardian and 5 mins before the event start time it will open that market on your main ladder screen


If you want to do this I’d suggest trying to create the rule yourself, its probably the simplest rule you can make so a good starting point if you’ve never created a rule before, but just in case I have included the one I made above and you can download that by clicking the link below then import it into your Guardian and apply it to your market
Launch Market on Ladder Screen.baf
Guardian Import.jpg

Going A Step Further

An advantage of creating a rules file to automatically display a market on your specified trading screen is you also have all the other automation options at your disposal, for example you might want to add conditions which need satisfying before the market is opened for you, maybe you are trading Greyhound races which start every few minutes so only want it to automatically open a market if the traded volume is greater than ‘£X’ or maybe you are only interested in races that has a odds on favourite (or no odds on fav) or even a specfic race type

In this next screenshot I’ve gone onto the Conditions tab and selected two conditions for the both of which must be satisfied during the final 5 mins before the start time the rule is armed for
1) The traded volume of the market is greater than £100’000
2) The market is a National Hunt (jumps) horse race


A full explanation of all the conditions available can be found here in the Bet Angel user guide

NB, I’ll add a follow up post here in due course which will explore a little deeper into what other ways you can use this rule type
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